Sep 7, 2013

The Scary Godmother Doll

I'm guessing it's a safe bet that many of you visiting this site, or participating in the Halloween Countdown are familiar with Jill Thompson's delightful creation, The Scary Godmother. The Scary Godmother's adventures have been depicted in a series of books, comics, and even two tv specials, and now Jill wants to create a doll

It's a beautiful doll, lovingly crafted, and a steal at $50.00, but in order for that to happen, she needs to take in a bit more money on her kickstarter campaign. If you want a doll, or many other special incentives, please visit her campaign here. The world can always use a little more Halloween in it, so please donate whatever you can and help make this a reality. 

I've donated this one of a kind cut paper collage of the main characters from The Scary Godmother. It measures 12" x 25." If you are interested in making it yours, please contact Jill via her kickstarter page

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