Sep 28, 2012

Three Days To Go...

Just to update everyone. As of right now, I have added everyone who has emailed me to the list of this year's participants. Thank you all very much. Putting the list together this year has been a far easier task because of this. I greatly appreciate it.

I've also added everyone who responded in the comments section of the past batch of posts. If you notified this way, you're good, but please email me anyway and include a link to your blog(s) and the name you'd like that blog to be listed as. This way I'll be sure to have your email on hand when I send out the reminder next year for that Countdown to Halloween.

If you haven't yet responded, but would like to be included as a participant in this year's Countdown to Halloween, there's still time. Simply email me with a link to your blog(s) and the name(s) you'd like them listed as.

Due to the high volume of emails, I am only emailing people back if there's some problem with the link, or if I have another question. If you don't hear back from me, assume you are on the list. The list will go up at Midnight, October first. If there are any issues with your blog as it appears, or doesn't appear, you can then let Shawn, or myself know in the comment section attached to the list and one of us will address the problem as soon as possible.

I have not yet taken the time to count the number of participants this year, but it seems comparable to last year's list, and will no doubt expand over the next week.

We're looking forward to reading everyone's blogs. Good luck, don't kill yourselves trying to maintain a daily posting schedule, and most importantly have fun. See you back here in three days.