Oct 30, 2021

Whoot...it's here! All Hallow's Eve

Has anyone saved me a Snicker's?


Oct 25, 2021

Finals Week & An Important Question #CountdowntoHalloween #2021

Hello Crypt Keepers!

As if you did not know, we are into our final week of the countdown. Are you keeping up the proverbial ghostly mist or has your broomstick caught fire and burned? I am afraid that mine may be burning but I will get there none-the-less. After all, I need some chocolate!

I have completed the run to everyone's crypts. It has been no doubt the best places to be for my full on October spookiness. You all are so brilliant with your movies, music, houses, books, designs, creeps, and critters. I truly do love it all!

Are you still visiting others? I have seen some.

NOTE: Be sure to come back here for some round up things including a survey and a giveaway.

I am not sure if Dex had time to ask you or if he was to ask during the survey but...

Would you all like to have (purchase) an official Countdown to Halloween shirt/sweatshirt? Begin this year? Next year?  It is something I was kicking around with Dex. I was thinking every subsequent year of offering a patch for the shirt. Let me know in comments. Please everyone chime in about it. Thanks!

Your Crypt Keeper,


Oct 20, 2021

I have been flying around on my broomstick. #Halloweengame #countdowntohalloween

I have been getting around on my broomstick to the blogs. You all are rocking those crypts and keeping them dusty just the way we like it.

I have commented on the ones I could. There are a few of you that do not seem to have a comment space but I assure you, I have been there. I will be beginning with the "S" section to the end either tomorrow of Frightful Friday. I am not sure I will get a complete second round by the 31st.

I do appreciate all of you for putting your scare on every year. If it was not for you, we simply would not have a countdown at all. That would make me a sad spook!  Carry on!


Just for fun: I found this "Halloween" goofy  game online. Try it out! It reminds me of the original Mario Brothers.

You get three tries. Post your highest score. My was 3791 which stinks. 

Scary Run • Free Online Games at PrimaryGames


Oct 17, 2021

Little Past Half Way to Halloween #countdowntoHalloween2021

Hey Creeps! 

We are a little past halfway to Halloween, can you believe it? This month is flying by!

How are we all doing? Have you been able to get around to others? What about our Instagram, have you been there? Dex is rocking it over there too!

Chime in and say hello!

I am back from vacation and also on the mend so, I will be around this week. Got candy? I could use a Snickers! Just sayin'!

Michelle, MCC

Oct 10, 2021

10 day check in... #Countdowntohalloween

Hi everyone, can you believe we are on day 10!?

I am popping in real quick for a couple of reasons.

1. I am sick with possible strep and mostly down for the count. This has made me delayed in getting around but I will.

2. It has come to my attention that those on mobile may not be able to see our side bar. This is the only way you can do that is by changing your settings to "web version" when you are here at the site. I have no idea how to otherwise. 

3. How we doing out there?


Oct 2, 2021

Day 2: Another One of Those Announcements. #countdowntohalloween2021 #CryptKeepers

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Hello Crypt Keepers,


I have asked for everyone to check their links to make sure they are working. A HUGE shout out to Raven who noted that about a half dozen went nowhere. I fixed them all but...boo....

I have also added some new links that have just come in. Make sure to check those out if you have time. Also go by to other people and give them a treat (aka: Hello, Happy Halloween etc).  Again, that is what makes all of this fun. 

Remember, if anyone you know wants to sign up, tomorrow Oct 3rd is it. If  you have not done so, I suggest to subscribe to our blog too. :)

Final thought...I noted that some folks have not put our badge(s) anywhere on their blog or Instagram. We love for you to come and link up here but as a courtesy please add at least one badge somewhere as it links back to us for our hard work too. It is also your badge of honor so to speak. I have everyone on my personal page from when I started and when they first had badges. Cool ey?

On behalf of Dex and myself (Michelle),

Keep those crypts creepy!

Oct 1, 2021

It's Here!!!! Halloween Countdown has begun!!!! 2021

 Who let the spooks out? You, YOU!  

The Halloween Countdown has begun!

Don't forget to check those links and leave us treats!