Nov 25, 2013

It's beginning to feel a lot like Creepmas!

That's right, for all you folks who love your creepy fun all year round out friends over at are gearing up for another round of the 13 Days of Creepmas!  If you're looking to bring a little horror to the holidays you might want to head on over and sign up!

So dig up your "slay" bells and prepare for the coming of Krampus, because the 13 Days of Creepmas begins in less than a week!

Oct 31, 2013

Happy Halloween all you Ghouls and Boils!

Wanted to take a second and say thanks to all of the participants this year for the Countdown to Halloween.  There were well over 200 sites participating and there's literally a metric digital ton of super cool Halloween reading.  I hope everyone had a good time blogging about the season and hopefully there will be plenty of candy, horror movies, parties, costumes, and spooky merriment in your future tonight!

Oct 13, 2013

Help Steve Niles

Heavy rainfall has caused some serious flooding in the Austin, Texas area. Among those affected was writer, Steve Niles, best known as the creator of 30 Days of Night. Steve is an extremely kind and generous person. Besides sharing his love for the genre, he's bent over backwards to help his fellow creators and is behind numerous fundraising campaigns to aid creators overwhelmed by medical, legal, or other life changing expenses. Now it's time to come to his aid.

His house was flooded, causing severe damage, and he is without flood insurance. He'll need to replace furniture, rugs, work materials, food, and many other basic day to day necessities, as well as coping with cost of repairs to his home.

If you can contribute any amount, please do. If everyone participating as Cryptkeepers, and everyone visiting here using this site as a gateway to participating blogs, threw in a few bucks it would help out quite a bit. A paypal account has been set up for this.

Send funds via Paypal to

Sep 30, 2013

This Year's Participants


If you want to know which houses are giving out the good candy this year, then look no further than the list below. Remember when you stop by to say thank you by leaving them a comment for all the hard work they've put into making Halloween the greatest holiday of the year.

If you do not see yourself on the list and would like to be added, please read this post first. DO NOT leave a request in the comment box below. You will be added asap.

If you are on the list but would like to have us change/correct how you are listed, please let us know in the comments section below. Every effort has been made to make sure everyone who asked to be put on the list has been put on the list, but mistakes happen. Please don't feel slighted, or take it personally. Corrections will be made as quickly as we can.

I would like to thank everyone who responded to this year's email summons, as well as the one posted on this site and who emailed me back letting me know either way about participating this year. I can't tell you how much easier this went this year than past years, so my very sincere thanks on making that so.

If I've counted correctly, we have 192 people participating as of this year's launch, which is down quite a bit from last year,  but I anticipate more will be joining us as we go. While we've lost a few participants from Countdown's past, you'll notice quite a number of new participants joining us for the first time this year, and I hope they'll find the experience enjoyable enough to come back next year. 

Now that that's out of the way it's time to put on your masks and start trick or treating. Happy Halloween!

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Sep 13, 2013

The 2013 Badges will rot your teeth!

The new 2013 badges are here a little later than I anticipated, but still, before October! This year, after brainstorming with Jaime of, I decided to use her suggestion of celebrating the return of some long lost Monster Cereal mascots by having the 2013 badges feature Franken Berry, Count Chocula, Boo Berry, Fruit Brute (I refuse to call him Frute), and Yummy Mummy...

**Also, real quick, I wanted to add some noise to the suggestion by Dex of AEIOU and Sometimes Why about the idea of participants grabbing these images and hosting them yourselves.  Least year there was a hiccup with my image hosting provider that caused the badge images to break based on the html I posted.  So if anyone desires, please feel free to grab these and host them yourselves.  I have addressed the image hosting issue, so as far as I know it shouldn't be an issue again.**

Badge #1 (featuring Franken Berry)...

150 pixels wide...

Just Copy and Paste the following html code:

200 pixels wide...

Just Copy and Paste the following html code:

Badge #2 (featuring Count Chocula)...

150 pixels wide...

Just Copy and Paste the following html code:

200 pixels wide...

Just Copy and Paste the following html code:

Badge #3 (featuring Boo Berry)...

150 pixels wide...

Just Copy and Paste the following html code:

200 pixels wide...

Just Copy and Paste the following html code:

Badge #4 (featuring Fruit Brute)...

150 pixels wide...

Just Copy and Paste the following html code:

200 pixels wide...

Just Copy and Paste the following html code:

Badge #5 (featuring Fruity Yummy Mummy)...

150 pixels wide...

Just Copy and Paste the following html code:

200 pixels wide...

Just Copy and Paste the following html code:

Sep 7, 2013

The Scary Godmother Doll

I'm guessing it's a safe bet that many of you visiting this site, or participating in the Halloween Countdown are familiar with Jill Thompson's delightful creation, The Scary Godmother. The Scary Godmother's adventures have been depicted in a series of books, comics, and even two tv specials, and now Jill wants to create a doll

It's a beautiful doll, lovingly crafted, and a steal at $50.00, but in order for that to happen, she needs to take in a bit more money on her kickstarter campaign. If you want a doll, or many other special incentives, please visit her campaign here. The world can always use a little more Halloween in it, so please donate whatever you can and help make this a reality. 

I've donated this one of a kind cut paper collage of the main characters from The Scary Godmother. It measures 12" x 25." If you are interested in making it yours, please contact Jill via her kickstarter page

Sep 3, 2013

Calling All Cryptkeepers

If you plan on participating in this year's Halloween Countdown, please read this post in its entirety in order to assure your place on the list of participants. 

First of all, let me apologize for being a bit behind schedule this year. This site has more cob webs than usual, but please be assured that the 2013 Countdown is on.

Everyone that I have contact information for should have received an email from me by this time. If you've emailed me back already, you've been added to the list of cryptkeepers for this year. If you haven't, please check your email.

If you haven't heard from me, that means I don't have a current email address for you. Please email me at Put Halloween Countdown in the subject line. In the content of the letter please include a link to your blog(s) and the name you would like to see it listed under (since this is often different). You will not hear back from me unless there's a question I have. Once I receive an email from you I will automatically add you to this year's list. Having an email from you also means I'll be contacting you directly next year, hopefully making the whole process even smoother.

If you are planning to participate as a cryptkeeper this year, DO NOT simply leave a message in the comments box. Please email me. There are so many participants now, that it's easy for someone to get overlooked in the comments box, especially when Shawn and I are both trying to keep everything up to speed, manage our own blogs, and our everyday lives. I know there were periods last year where neither of us were able to check the comments box for several days in a row. Neither of us want to keep anyone waiting, or put them through the stress of wondering why they haven't been added to the list yet. By emailing me directly, you can be certain that I'll get you added asap, probably within just a few hours.

Also, if you only contact us through the comment box, we have no way to reach you directly if there's an issue with your link, or any other matter.  As October proceeds, we will be posting other things at this site, and things get lost when left in the various comment boxes, especially when those boxes don't have anything to do with the participant list.

The goal here is to make everything run as smoothly as possible and for everyone to have fun.

Please use the comments box for any questions or comments you might have as to this year's countdown otherwise.

Thank you. Now go blow the dust out of your trick or treat bags and get ready to turn on your porch lights.