Aug 17, 2020

Boo...we see you!

Hey all,
A quick update. Be looking in your emails for a personal invite from us. We have cleaned up the back logs and have found 400 emails to send out. Whew...

Almost time!

Master Crypt keepers,
Michelle and Matt

Aug 3, 2020

The Countdown is on...New this year!

Hello Boils and Ghouls,

Since covid-19 keeps everything at bay, we have to wonder how Halloween will fair. That is a good question for sure. However, as years before, we are going to celebrate all month long no matter what!
We are determined to kick that dang virus right to the curb as we take our skeletons and cobwebs out of the closet. Let's pet our black cats, decorate our windows, light the pumpkins, and eat ourselves silly with candy corn until we just can't do it anymore. Let's get our spook on, shall we?

As you may or may not know, our beloved head spook, John, decided to retire last year. We are confident he has not completely put his broomstick away but he has handed over the reigns. That is where we come in. This year the blog site will be handled by me, Michelle aka Naila Moon, and by Michael May. We both have been participants in the countdown every year and are eager for this year as the new Master Cryptkeepers.


Sign up: As in past years we will be sending out an invite via email to past participants but signing up will be different. For management puposes, we will be having you sign up on a Google form. It will be easy and not too frightening. In the past we have signed up via email, we just think with numbers of participants, that is too much to handle. We will only be asking you for your name, blog, and email. We will keep that in our archives. We won't sell your names or anything like those Halloween pranks. It will be safe. PLEASE NOTE: If you sign up via comments you will not be put on the list.

Theme: As usual, there will be a theme. As we are sure you have already noticed some changes to the blog, it has given hint to the theme. *cues skeletons to rattle their bones* This years theme is...
"Gothic Halloween". You may choose to use this theme for the whole month of October or you can choose to go another way. Hey, we're flexible.

Badges: What would our fun be without badges!? We will have the badges up by the end of August. Please be patient with us on this. I know all of us love those badges but the mice this year are working on overtime to get them done. Some gal named Cinderalla has been bugging them for a dress. We will get them to you, we promise!

This blog and yours: Our thoughts right now are to have this site as it is meant to be, a blog. Therefore, this year, we will be attempting to have a daily check in here. Now, since we both have blogs too, it may be a disaster but we are going to try it anyway. We are playing with the idea of maybe having a month long giveaway too. Right now, we are not for sure but stay tuned for that.

The other part of this is your blogs. We know in the past with the numbers of ghouls and boils that it has been near to impossible to get around to everyone. We have decided to split up all of you frightful people and visit for tricks. Be on the look out for our visit, we might want a treat. *cackles*
We encourage you to visit as many people as you can and leave those comments. It isn't candy but we still love them.

Well, we suppose that is all for now. Check back often because the countdown has begun and you never know who is lurking around.

Your Master Cryptkeepers,
Michelle and Michael