Sep 30, 2021

It's time! QR Code

Below you will find the QR code to our Instagram spot. Do check it out and if you haven't followed, please do. Dex has really done great with it!


Sep 28, 2021

Are You Ready???? Some Announcements #CountdowntoHalloween2021 #Cryptkeepers

Here we are! This is the week!!!! YES!!!! Are you all ready to rock Halloween like nobodies business?

I have been snooping around and seeing all sorts of post for Halloween already. For some of us, it is a lifestyle, others favorite holiday, and some of us just like to dress up and throw candy around for the month. 

Whatever the reason, Friday starts our countdown and we (that is Dex and Me) are ready for you!

Now, for a little housekeeping/announcements....

1. This past month has been incredibly trying for me. I cannot begin to tell you the skeletons that popped out of the closet this month! Needless to say, that made me very behind on getting the most recent blogs up on the list. I appreciate your patience in this matter. The good news is, I got them all up to date as of moments ago.

2. Speaking of which, the cutoff date for signing up is Sunday. This is NOT a Halloween joke! I will not be able to do anymore after that date. Tell your friends to hurry.

3. Dex and I will be around to your blogs or Instagram sometime this month. There are tons of blogs and such so it will take us all month long to get to you but don't worry. We do expect treats and no tricks.

4. Now, having said the above, Dex will be gone until the 6th (?) of October. He is visiting the neighborhood witches no doubt. *chuckles*

5. I will be on a much needed mini vacation from the 5th-14th. I am going to go spook a house but I will be around as much as possible during that time. I have been preposting my blogs and they are to die for. lol

6. You are welcome to leave either of us a comment but just note it may not be answered right away.

7. PLEASE CHECK TO SEE If YOUR LINKS ARE WORKING. If they are not, leave a comment here and I will fix right away. Do not wait. I don't know if you don't tell me.

8.GO AND SPOOK OTHER PEOPLE'S PAGES. The whole point in this blog is to enjoy our Halloween hauntings together. Make a new ghoulish friend or two.

9. A couple of times this month we will be posting updates but also some fun activities. Please participate. It makes this so much more fun.

10. On or just after Halloween, we will be posting a survey. Attached to it will be a giveaway of our choosing. Please fill that out because it will help us prepare for next year.

Finally, I just want to first thank Dex for stepping up and helping me this year. He is a ghoul among ghouls! He has been keeping up with our new Instagram too and some of it has been a hoot!

I also want to thank Senor Scary for the wonderful badges this year. He really took them up a notch.

On behalf of Dex and myself, HAPPY HALLOWEEN CRYPT KEEPERS. LET'S GO!

Michelle, MCC

Sep 8, 2021

A Little Fun While We Wait...Creep House Participation

So, we wait another 50 days until Halloween. Yeah, right. I know all of you have already put up your stuff and throwing candy at people. But since we do have to wait a bit longer for the start of the Countdown, why don't we have some fun. I am encouraging participant comments. 

I ripped this from Facebook so...

Does this fit you? Why or why not? 

Oh and in case you need to know, I am Capricorn! LOL  Dex?