Aug 1, 2010

Halloween Is Just Around the Corner

Halloween is only 90 days away which is scary and exciting in itself, but that means this year's Countdown to Halloween is only 59 days away. Don't panic. There is still plenty of time to put together great posts just like you did last year. 

I've begun compiling this year's list of participants. Last year we had 157 (or thereabouts. Don't trust my count) which is a lot. I anticipate that this year we'll have even more. Some of you will have received an email from me asking whether you'll be participating this year or not. If you haven't received one, don't panic. It's a long list I have to work my way through when I can find the time. 

To save me some time, if you're reading this and would like to participate in this year's countdown, please email me, or simply leave a comment in the comment box saying you want in AND provide me with a separate link for each blog or website you'd like to participate with. I ask this because many of you have several blogs, and if you just say you want to participate, I'll have to decide if that means just one blog (possibly not even the right one) or all of your blogs. This may seem obvious, but this was an issue last year. This will make our lives here a lot easier. So, please...

For anyone who is new and is wondering what this Countdown to Halloween business is anyway, I invite you to read this post from last year, entitled So, What is this Halloween Countdown Anyway? I further invite you to explore some of the links provided on last year's list of participants. Make sure you visit their archives for October 2009 to see what they posted. 

Shawn also created some shiny new buttons to paste to your blog so that you can help spread the word and let people know you are taking part in this year's countdown. 

If you have any questions, please ask. Remember this is supposed to be fun for everyone, so don't kill yourself feeling compelled to put up a post every day if it's not really feasible for you to do so. Just post as often as you'd like. 

Keep checking back for updates.