Nov 1, 2022

It Isn't Over! #Creepmas #CountdowntoHalloween2022

IT CAN'T BE!: Well, here we are on day one again. Yes, we have to wait another 365 days until our houses are full of candy again. But you and I both know, this is not the end for us. Some of you have Halloween all year long and some wait patiently. Either way, we  are here for you. BOO!

CREEPMAS: So, since it is November 1st (crypt keepers cry), some of you will be looking forward to Creepmas. Last year, Chad and Dex decided to forgo the official delight but many of you did it on your own. I have not heard from either of these two creepers about it so maybe they can chime in. This crypt will be kept open for a bit to allow for this event if it happens.

OFFICIAL SHIRTS:I hope you all ordered the shirts that were available. They have even been on sale. I don't know if you saw Dex decked out in his on the Instagram page but it was pure awesomeness. I ordered one but believe it or not, it never got to me on time nor have I received it yet. Disappointing but still a good cause and of course no matter when I receive it, you will see me in it. Did you get one? Share a photo in comments!

AN APOLOGY: So, as I mentioned to you earlier. All heck broke loose this month for me. Even yesterday was just ugh! Because of this, I did not get around to all of you by yesterday. I wanted to at least throw some toilet paper at your house but noooo... I do apologize for that not happening. Instead of treats, I got tricks this year!! Side note: I even got a  ticket last night. Oy! I will get to all of you, it is just going to be way late!

THANKS: A BIG SHOUT OUT TO DEX who has kept things going when everything went arry for me. You are the best crypt keeper. I appreciate you running Instagram too. There is always something fun over there all year long. Thanks also creepers for your awesome content year after year. As long as you keep doing it, I will keep hosting.


Master Crypt Keeper, Michelle