Nov 1, 2011

Thank You, Everyone!

I hope everyone had an extraordinary Halloween. Now that everyone is bleary eyed and exhausted from getting their houses ready for trick or treaters, putting the last minute touches on their own costumes for Halloween parties they were either attending, or hosting, or simply watching too many horror movies, I wanted to take the time to thank you all. Whether you participated directly as one of the Cryptkeepers, or simply as someone who went from blog to blog in order to see what daily treats were being offered, I thank you for turning this annual online event from just a few houses spread out across the globe into a tight knit neighborhood, where every house is "the good house' for trick or treating.

This year, by my count, there were 279 participants in the Countdown. A few had dropped out from the year before, but we still gained 75 more participants than we had in 2010. It's clear looking through everyone's posts that we all share a tremendous love for Halloween, and that everyone put in a lot of effort to share that love with the hard work that went into putting together a month's worth of posts celebrating as many different aspects of the holiday as can be imagined. Like most of you, who keep Halloween present in some form throughout the year, I'm looking forward to months of catching up with the roughly 8649 posts that everyone has collectively created.

Next year will undoubtedly be even bigger. With that in mind PLEASE try and remember to check in here by September 2012, or email me and let me know if you'll be participating again next year. This will save a lot of time on tracking people down.

Thanks again, everyone! Now go enjoy your leftover candy and hitting the stores for their heavily discounted Halloween items. See you next year.