Nov 1, 2022

It Isn't Over! #Creepmas #CountdowntoHalloween2022

IT CAN'T BE!: Well, here we are on day one again. Yes, we have to wait another 365 days until our houses are full of candy again. But you and I both know, this is not the end for us. Some of you have Halloween all year long and some wait patiently. Either way, we  are here for you. BOO!

CREEPMAS: So, since it is November 1st (crypt keepers cry), some of you will be looking forward to Creepmas. Last year, Chad and Dex decided to forgo the official delight but many of you did it on your own. I have not heard from either of these two creepers about it so maybe they can chime in. This crypt will be kept open for a bit to allow for this event if it happens.

OFFICIAL SHIRTS:I hope you all ordered the shirts that were available. They have even been on sale. I don't know if you saw Dex decked out in his on the Instagram page but it was pure awesomeness. I ordered one but believe it or not, it never got to me on time nor have I received it yet. Disappointing but still a good cause and of course no matter when I receive it, you will see me in it. Did you get one? Share a photo in comments!

AN APOLOGY: So, as I mentioned to you earlier. All heck broke loose this month for me. Even yesterday was just ugh! Because of this, I did not get around to all of you by yesterday. I wanted to at least throw some toilet paper at your house but noooo... I do apologize for that not happening. Instead of treats, I got tricks this year!! Side note: I even got a  ticket last night. Oy! I will get to all of you, it is just going to be way late!

THANKS: A BIG SHOUT OUT TO DEX who has kept things going when everything went arry for me. You are the best crypt keeper. I appreciate you running Instagram too. There is always something fun over there all year long. Thanks also creepers for your awesome content year after year. As long as you keep doing it, I will keep hosting.


Master Crypt Keeper, Michelle

Oct 31, 2022

Happy Halloween!!!


Happy Halloween my crypt keepers. It is our day. Stuff yourselves with candy and enjoy!

Master Crypt Keeper Michelle

Oct 21, 2022

Hello Creeps! Week three...holy ghost sheet! #CountdowntoHalloween2022 #Cartoon #madeyoulaugh

All rights reserved to creator of cartoon

OMGSH Ya All....time has flown already and we are into week three! How are your haunted houses holding up? 

So, I didn't mean to ghost ya all. (Se what I did there?) Right in the middle of all that is Halloween, my laptop died un untimely death. Dang thing couldn't even break the veil and help a ghoul out. Nope, it simply buried itself. Dang zombies could have helped but noooo....

So, I was in a bit of a panic because not only  was I stuck in a haunted merry-go-round, but I also needed it for my online college class. Oy! Needless to say, I got another one but just this week! 

Oh, did I mention no access to the net either half of the time and my significant other plopped himself in the hospital 3 times...once for a pacemaker/defibulator. Yep, too many tricks and not enough treats! 

Send candy! 

Master Crypt Keeper, Michelle

PS> Have you got your McBuckets yet? I am waiting on green to complete the collection.

All rights to creator of the cartoon

Oct 7, 2022

OH MY GHOURD!! #CountdowntoHalloween2022


It is already 7 days in and I am soooo behind. I have read all of your messages and have fixed links and added people. At this point, I will add no more. However, if you are looking for your link and signed up, check back because I probably did not get to you yet.

Now, a word about those links. Seriously folks, we go through this every single haunted house year. You send them to me and I post the scrawlings on the house walls with my blood and sweat. I ask you, I plead with you. I might even howl to please check them before October 1st. Oy! So, puh-leeze check your links. Go now, I will wait. If it is not fixed and you don't tell me, then I don't know because I don't check them

ok, moving on...

I will be going trick or treating soon to all of your pages probably in the next day or so. I am not sure if Dex has started but we will get there. I promise. I will probably be in a costume...ok, ok...jeans/shorts and a Halloween t-shirt. Make sure you drop by other people's too. We like those treats!

Ohhhhh yeah, speaking of which, I have seen a couple people have purchased  the official Countdown t-shirt. If you have, post us a photo of you wearing it. You are likely to end up on Instagram too (be sure to tag @countdowntohalloweenblog!). Do you go visit Dex there? He does a great job for an ax mean for a host of the monster persuasion! *grins cheezy*

So, how are you my bois and ghouls? Drop me a comment.

Your Master Crypt Keeper, Michelle

Sep 30, 2022

It's here! Let the fun begin!!!! #CountdownToHalloween2022

Who let the spooks out? You, YOU!  

The Halloween Countdown has begun!

Don't forget to check those links , purchase an official t-shirt for charity, and leave us treats!

Let's go! Happy Halloween!!!!


Sep 16, 2022

Guess what...?! #merch #Announcement #CountdowntoHalloween2022

So, we sent out a survey. We hmm'd and sent out the bat signal. We announced a possibility. We approved.

We said it was going to happen. And guess what? It's here! 

Announcing: The first of hopefully many to come OFFICIAL COUNTDOWN TO HALLOWEEN T-SHIRTS!!!

Yep, you heard it here. We now have this year's official t-shirt and other merch if you want to purchase. We asked Chad Savage to design the shirt and he has done a fantastic job. Thank you, Chad!

Now, I want to let you know something even more fantastic.  NONE, ZIP, ZERO, NADA of the profits from the shirts will be going to us (Chad, Dex, or Me). All profits will be going to the Haunters Against Hate charity. You can read more about them by simply clicking on the link.

So here is the design to get a peek before ordering. I think it is WOW! Please note: It annoys me to have to say this but, The design is copyrighted to Chad Savage and for Countdown to Halloween Blog only. Do not use the design in anyway with the exception if you want to promote the shirt and our blog.


Maybe once you order, you can take a photo of yourself and show it off to us!

Master Crypt Keepers,

Michelle and Dex

Sep 15, 2022

45 Days...ugh #CountdowntoHalloween2022


This is not a sponsor.
Just wondering if you all eat this cereal or a different kind? 

Hey, Creepers,

It is still 45 days until Halloween...ugh...come on already.
But then, it is ONLY 16 days when we know it REALLY starts. Yep, October 1st is right around the corner and I for one, cannot wait. I am so bored...seriously!

I don't know about you but I am ready for Halloween. I must note here, that I live with my Mother and she is not a Halloween aficionado. *gasp*  I KNOW! So, having said that, I have to slowly creep things into the crypt until BAM, it's there, deal with it. LOL

I have been watching the stores and boy, is it just me or are they slow on getting with it this year? Does it seem like everything has slowed down in general or is it just me? Maybe it is just in the area I live in. *screams* 

Come on already. I need some stuff!

So, drop some photos in the comments. Let's see what you have picked up or seen new this year.

Hang on, it's almost here!

Master Crypt Keeper,


Sep 6, 2022

#Announcments: A Terrible Way to Die #links #HalloweenCountdown2022 #merch

photo credit to:

Hey Creepers,

I first want to give a huge shout out to Dex. He has been keeping things creepy here while I had some unexpected tricks to clear out. I had some massive issues with my Google access and I could not even get into the blog here. Talk about scary! Anyway, Dex helped me out and I am now back and getting treats instead. THANK YOU DEX SERIOUSLY!!!


LINKS: If you will take a gander over to your right you will see everyone that has signed up now has a link. PLEASE check those links and make sure they are functioning. We don't check them and won't know they are not working until we go trick or treating on your pages. If your link is not working, please leave me a comment in the comments on this post. I will get back to you about it and fix it.

MERCH: Last year we kicked around the idea of having official t-shirts that you could purchase if you wanted one. Dex and I are pleased to tell you that this is going to happen. YES! We have seen the design and I have to say, it is awesome. The shop is not set up quite yet but we will let you know when that will be. We are likely to set it up so you can purchase other things too. I personally want a hoodie.  

Question...Would you prefer to have a different design every year or have a simple add on patch for subsequent years?

INSTAGRAM: Have you all been checking out the Countdown's Instagram content? Dex does an amazing job all year long with it. Go follow if you want to.

Well, I think that is all I have now. Keep coming back and watching for updates.

OMGSH-October 1st is around the corner. *squeals*

Master Crypt Keeper,


Aug 21, 2022

The Crypt Is Open for 2022! #CountdowntoHalloween2022 #information #CryptKeeperDex #CryptKeeperMichelle #Chad


Something is afoot here! 

Welcome back my very ghoulish friends.  I am your Master Crypt Keeper, Michelle. I am along here with my good pal and Master Crypt Keeper, Dex, to keep everything here...well...spooky!

The official Countdown to Halloween crypt is now open. I know, I know, usually we open August 1st but we had to clear out a few cobwebs and allow for some redecorating. 

A new boil in town, but not new to the Halloween scene, has graced us with some new looks. This year we welcome, Chad Savage who has created the new banner and badges for this year's theme.  Our theme this year is "Old School Halloween" and we let him run with it. What do you think? Make sure to click on his name and go look around his blog. Just an FYI, he is the one that Dex mentioned last year for the cool calendar.

So let's get on to the stuff.

Badges: As always, you are welcome to pick up a web-covered badge to decorate your own crypt with. We know you love them, but make sure it links back to the Countdown. If you for some reason don't know how to do that, just ask.

Official begin: Well of course, October 1st for the Countdown but we all know that some of you go all year long. PLEASE link back to our blog when you post. It is a nice thing to do and newbies may want to join.

Commenting: What makes the Countdown fun is visiting others and commenting. It is the spirit of the thing. You want those treats just as others do. Go and visit others crypts.

Links: They will be posted starting today (see right side bar). You can sign up through October 3rd and after that the link list will be shut off. However, I am nice and if you have a good enough treat, I might reconsider if you still want in. *chuckles* PLEASE be patient though, if you don't see your link by October 1st, email me at nailamoon1968 at gmail dot com and I will see what is up. I do add links on my own time and this year, I am in college about clearing out cobwebs...sheesh....

Following: You can subscribe or just come back periodically to the Countdown from now until we close again. We often have fun posts and/or new information you need to know.  Links for that is also on the right sidebar. ALSO, if you want to organize just to 2022, our hashtag is #CountdowntoHalloween2022

You can also find us on our Instagram Link all year long. Go and check that out because sometimes, you might see your own stuff there. Dex does a great job of keeping that alternate crypt going. THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO DUDE!

New stuff: Last year we kicked around having the Official Countdown to Halloween t-shirts. Well, guess what...we are working on making that happening! Whoo... Stayed tuned for more information on that. We might have some other merch too to purchase.

Questions for me or Dex: If you have a questions or comments to make about any particular post, put it in the comment section for the post. DON'T EMAIL IT WILL GET LOST. I do monitor and will answer each post that is made. Note: you will not see it right away but I do get them. For integrity of our crypt here, I do approve/disprove each comment as often we get simply spam and who wants that?

Ok, so, I think that is it for now. WELCOME! October is right around the corner!

Your Master Crypt Keeper,


Aug 8, 2022

The Crypt Creaks Open!

In case you're not on the mailing list from last year, sign ups are now open!

The full moon shines down on a forgotten cemetery. The pale light creates an ethereal silver glow as it reflects over an ever present ground fog. The fog breaks slightly as a black cat bounds between the headstones and stops at the door to an ancient stone crypt. The door creaks open slowly with the weight of centuries. Stale air and a warm, flickering orange glow begin to spill out. "Ah, it's good to be alive," you think. "Again."

On behalf of Michelle and myself, welcome back to the annual blogger Countdown to Halloween!

If you'll be joining us this year, head over to the link in the top right column.
Feel free to pass it on to any like minded spirits!

We're still hopping on all social platforms so please include a link back to the Countdown site ( on your posts.

You can also use #countdowntohalloween & #countdowntohalloween2022 as those are followed on Instagram to look for things to repost from our account (

Our theme this year is old school Trick or Treat. Classic plastic mask/smock costumes, pillowcases full of candy, you get the idea.

We've got a groovy ghoul cooking up blog badges and we'll post those in the coming weeks.

Jul 6, 2022

*Creepy Wave* HEY! Countdown To Midsummer Scream #CountdowntoHalloween2022 #CountdowntoHalloween

Hello my Creeptastic friends! 

It is only Summer still here...sigh...*chuckles* I know so many of you are waiting patiently for the Boo-months to get here and cooler weather. It will be here sooner than you know. Until then, I thought I would share an event going on in July.

Countdown to Midsummer Scream was sent to me via email and looks fang-tastic! Cheers with Chelsea puts on this event and I wanted to share if you want to participate. It looks like it is a photo challenge. FUN!

If you have a Summer me (nailamoon1968 at gmail dot com) and let me know about it and I will post it here.  Also, be watching soon for Halloween Challenge 2022 information. We all know that is a scream! *wink*

Your Master Crypt Keeper,