Aug 21, 2022

The Crypt Is Open for 2022! #CountdowntoHalloween2022 #information #CryptKeeperDex #CryptKeeperMichelle #Chad


Something is afoot here! 

Welcome back my very ghoulish friends.  I am your Master Crypt Keeper, Michelle. I am along here with my good pal and Master Crypt Keeper, Dex, to keep everything here...well...spooky!

The official Countdown to Halloween crypt is now open. I know, I know, usually we open August 1st but we had to clear out a few cobwebs and allow for some redecorating. 

A new boil in town, but not new to the Halloween scene, has graced us with some new looks. This year we welcome, Chad Savage who has created the new banner and badges for this year's theme.  Our theme this year is "Old School Halloween" and we let him run with it. What do you think? Make sure to click on his name and go look around his blog. Just an FYI, he is the one that Dex mentioned last year for the cool calendar.

So let's get on to the stuff.

Badges: As always, you are welcome to pick up a web-covered badge to decorate your own crypt with. We know you love them, but make sure it links back to the Countdown. If you for some reason don't know how to do that, just ask.

Official begin: Well of course, October 1st for the Countdown but we all know that some of you go all year long. PLEASE link back to our blog when you post. It is a nice thing to do and newbies may want to join.

Commenting: What makes the Countdown fun is visiting others and commenting. It is the spirit of the thing. You want those treats just as others do. Go and visit others crypts.

Links: They will be posted starting today (see right side bar). You can sign up through October 3rd and after that the link list will be shut off. However, I am nice and if you have a good enough treat, I might reconsider if you still want in. *chuckles* PLEASE be patient though, if you don't see your link by October 1st, email me at nailamoon1968 at gmail dot com and I will see what is up. I do add links on my own time and this year, I am in college about clearing out cobwebs...sheesh....

Following: You can subscribe or just come back periodically to the Countdown from now until we close again. We often have fun posts and/or new information you need to know.  Links for that is also on the right sidebar. ALSO, if you want to organize just to 2022, our hashtag is #CountdowntoHalloween2022

You can also find us on our Instagram Link all year long. Go and check that out because sometimes, you might see your own stuff there. Dex does a great job of keeping that alternate crypt going. THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO DUDE!

New stuff: Last year we kicked around having the Official Countdown to Halloween t-shirts. Well, guess what...we are working on making that happening! Whoo... Stayed tuned for more information on that. We might have some other merch too to purchase.

Questions for me or Dex: If you have a questions or comments to make about any particular post, put it in the comment section for the post. DON'T EMAIL IT WILL GET LOST. I do monitor and will answer each post that is made. Note: you will not see it right away but I do get them. For integrity of our crypt here, I do approve/disprove each comment as often we get simply spam and who wants that?

Ok, so, I think that is it for now. WELCOME! October is right around the corner!

Your Master Crypt Keeper,



Guillaume said...

I can't wait.

Kelly said...

I found your link at Susan Renshaw's blog. This looks like so much fun and I'd love to play along! Creepy Creative Blessings! ~Kelly aka RainLyte

Halloween Kristy said...

The badges look so sharp and spooky this year. Chad Savage did an awesome job. Thank you for including me in the Countdown to Halloween. Wishing everyone a wonderful Halloween season!

Michelle aka Naila Moon said...

Kelly-Have you signed up? I saw you have several different blogs.
Halloween Kristy-indeed he has and glad to have you here.

Mallory A. Haws said...