Oct 31, 2013

Happy Halloween all you Ghouls and Boils!

Wanted to take a second and say thanks to all of the participants this year for the Countdown to Halloween.  There were well over 200 sites participating and there's literally a metric digital ton of super cool Halloween reading.  I hope everyone had a good time blogging about the season and hopefully there will be plenty of candy, horror movies, parties, costumes, and spooky merriment in your future tonight!

Oct 13, 2013

Help Steve Niles

Heavy rainfall has caused some serious flooding in the Austin, Texas area. Among those affected was writer, Steve Niles, best known as the creator of 30 Days of Night. Steve is an extremely kind and generous person. Besides sharing his love for the genre, he's bent over backwards to help his fellow creators and is behind numerous fundraising campaigns to aid creators overwhelmed by medical, legal, or other life changing expenses. Now it's time to come to his aid.

His house was flooded, causing severe damage, and he is without flood insurance. He'll need to replace furniture, rugs, work materials, food, and many other basic day to day necessities, as well as coping with cost of repairs to his home.

If you can contribute any amount, please do. If everyone participating as Cryptkeepers, and everyone visiting here using this site as a gateway to participating blogs, threw in a few bucks it would help out quite a bit. A paypal account has been set up for this.

Send funds via Paypal to HelpSteveNiles@gmail.com.