Apr 30, 2021

Nov 22, 2020

It's Coming! 13 Days of #Creepmas! #Creepmas2020

I'm a CREEP for The 13 Days of CREEPMAS

Inspired by our Countdown to Halloween, the 13 Days of Creepmas is just around the corner. 

It's a little thing that was put together as a response to Christmas pushing Halloween off the shelves before the 31st. In the spirit of Nightmare Before Christmas, we're injecting some horror into the holidays during December 1st-13th.

Are you in? Invite people to join in, they even have badges on the site too: creepmas.com

Nov 2, 2020

Halloween Hangover & Beyond- Please Read!

 Hello Crypt Keepers! Do you have the Halloween hangover still?

It seems like once Halloween finally got here, it was over in a blink of an eye. Did you have fun still? I have been seeing all of the great costumes and ways to work around the corona to still celebrate. Awesome!

So, let's talk about beyond 2020.

In the next day or so, we will have a final check in post. It will include a survey (something new this year) that will give us an idea how we did, what you might like to see happen next year and so on. I hope all of you will fill it out.

INCENTIVE: If you do, I will draw from those who entered the survey, a Halloween treat. One winner will get a little something from me. Ohhh....

Check back! I will have it up no later than Wednesday.

PS>If you have not had the chance at all, go by and visit people. ;)

Master Crypt Keeper,


Oct 30, 2020

Happy Halloween Eve!

 Only a few hours left! Giddy!!!

Oct 26, 2020

5 days left...oh, my!

 Hello, Crypt Keepers!

We are only 5 days away to the big day we have been waiting for! I am excited, how about you?

Things have been a little crazy in my neck of the woods but I will be around again to see you soon. I am sure Michael will too.

So, tell us two things. #1: What is your favorite treat?  #2 Drop us a photo of a favorite costume.

Happy Hauntings!

Master Crypt Keeper, 

Michelle and Michael

Oct 14, 2020

Day 15 Check In

How are we all doing? Have you eaten to much candy yet? 

A question: How are you getting around the Coronavirus washout of holidays? What are you doing this year differently than you would probably do for Halloween?

We need our Halloween spirits after all. Make sure you go and trick or treat at other people's blogs.

Master Crypt Keepers,

Michelle and Matt

Oct 6, 2020

Day 6 Check in

Hello Crypt Keepers,

We are on day 6 of the countdown. How is everyone doing so far?  We have started coming around to see you. Some of you have no comment section on so we have not been able to leave you a treat (comment).

Keep on with the great Halloween magic!

Master Crypt Keepers,

Matt & Michelle