Sep 30, 2020

AND SO IT BEGINS...HAPPY HALLOWS #CountdowntoHalloween2020 #CountdowntoHalloween


The time is here! The time we have been waiting and preparing for! The time is now!!

We cannot wait to see what you all have for us. Remember even though Michael and I will be visiting, do not forget to visit and comment to others too. We all like those little treats in our comment boxes.

Remember to be kind too. We are all here to have a good time.

NOTE: If you are posting on Instagram too, please put the hashtags above on your post (the 2020 one first). This way we can find it all in one space.

Check back her often as we will have postings too or if you are having issues leave me a comment.


Master Crypt Keepers,

Michelle and Michael

Sep 26, 2020


 Hello Boils and Ghouls,

We have received a few comments that some people either did not get an invite or simply did not know where to sign up. If that pertains to you then here is the link:

PLEASE DO NOT sign up again if you already have. LOOK over at the list and see if you are there----->

If you already signed up and you do not see yourself there, post me a comment below on this notice only. It could be that I have not seen you yet. I am looking once a day every day until Sept. 29th when it is cut off day.

Michael went through hundreds of emails, many that were multiple duplicates, and sent out to 400 past participants email invites.  At the moment we have 70 participants signed up.  We want to keep this list clean so that it is easier to send out invites in 2021.

Michael and I appreciate your comments and we are seeing them.

Master Crypt Keepers,

Michelle and Matt

Sep 25, 2020

*screams* OMGSH!!!!!!!!!



Cut Off Time and 3rd Update!

I have answered all questions and fixed issues. 

If you are just signing up, I ask your patience. I guarantee that I will get you on the list as long as everything is working properly. Again, make sure your link is working properly from the main page. If it is not, I will scream, and then fix it. lol

Note: If you have not already done so, please add our badge to your site so that it links back to this site.

BIG NOTE: I will be closing off the cutoff time for signing up Sept. 29th. Please pass that along to any friends that are doing a Halloween blog. I will not take anymore sign ups after that time. 

Michael and I both have blogs on the countdown as well, plus maintaining this one throughout October. Please understand that this is not to be mean, it is just we want to have fun too! Plus do not forget, we will be visiting your blogs for treats. *howls*

6 more days!

Your Master Crypt Keeper,


Sep 21, 2020

Updates Part Deux!

Hey Boos,

If you noticed, things have changed just a little bit more. I think I answered or addressed everyone's questions and problems. You know, here in the lab, sometimes you have to put one serum with another to get the right results.

*thunder bolt flashes*

Make sure to look at the last 2-3 postings under comments for your answers. If I still don't have the right mix, I will throw out my lab tubes and get some new ones.

Items fixed:

1. How to put your badge on your page with a link.

2. My links is blackened out unless I hover on the sidebar.

3. My link on the sidebar is not working. (Make sure all of you check to make sure)

4. I was not invited. (oops)

Your Master Crypt Keepers, Michelle & Michael

Sep 20, 2020


Only 12 days to the kickoff of our Halloween Countdown. Whee...

A little spider web spruce up is needed before we get roaring. 

First: If you notice, to the right of this blog, the badges have been added. If you have not picked up your badge yet, please do so. The url for  this blog is already attached to the badges. Essentially it is a copy and past deal! 

Secondly: You will notice that the blogs that have signed up for this year have been posted. As we said earlier in August, Michael and I will be dividing up all of your blogs and try to visit at least once or twice. All I can promise is we will do our best.  Please visit as many as you can throughout the month of October. All of us like comment. ;)   

ALSO: Please click on your own link and make sure it is the right link and goes to the blog you intended it to go to. I had to look up a bunch of blogs because the ghost were playing and forgot to put the url of your blogs to sign up with.  IF something is wrong, let me or Michael know right away so we can fix it.  We certainly do not want people crying in their Halloween bags.

Keep watching here for updates and what-not. Remember we said we were going to try and blog here at least a few times. Invite your friends to sign up too.

Your Master Crypt Keepers,

Michelle and Michael

Sep 18, 2020

They're here!


Have you seen them? The badges are here!!! And just in the vampire's nick of time! *winks*

Thank you to for the great badges this year.

By the way, if you know someone who would like in on our fun, invite them to sign up. 

The more the spookier!

Your Master Crypt keepers,

Michelle & Michael

Sep 17, 2020

We Don't Need No Stinkin' Badges!

Okay, now that we have your attention...

No worries, we are just joking! The badges are coming and are being made by one of our own. We know how much you love those yearly badges, heck, we do too! Just a bit more patience is all we ask of you. okay?

So, is everyone ready? What a question, right?

We are only two weeks away! How about in comments you give us a sneak peek? 

Michelle & Michael

PS. Don't forget to sign up!