Sep 26, 2020


 Hello Boils and Ghouls,

We have received a few comments that some people either did not get an invite or simply did not know where to sign up. If that pertains to you then here is the link:

PLEASE DO NOT sign up again if you already have. LOOK over at the list and see if you are there----->

If you already signed up and you do not see yourself there, post me a comment below on this notice only. It could be that I have not seen you yet. I am looking once a day every day until Sept. 29th when it is cut off day.

Michael went through hundreds of emails, many that were multiple duplicates, and sent out to 400 past participants email invites.  At the moment we have 70 participants signed up.  We want to keep this list clean so that it is easier to send out invites in 2021.

Michael and I appreciate your comments and we are seeing them.

Master Crypt Keepers,

Michelle and Matt


Guillaume said...

Cool, I'm on. Cannot wait for the countdown to officially start.

Michael Jones said...

I hope I'm not too late to join the game.
email and sign up submitted.
Michael Jones

wicKED said...

I filled out the email application the first day they were sent out. I went ahead and filled it out again but I do not see my name on the list.

Dan said...

I'm on as "Scared ya, didn't on?" but would be preferred to be listed as "Halloween Hits"
- Dan

Erick said...

Well crap. I just found out today the Countdown is still on. I never got a sign-up email. I've participated every year. Any chance I can still sign-up?

Michelle aka Naila Moon said...

Michael & Erick-You are on the list.
WicKed-We had sent you an email to ask what your blog was. Good thing you checked back.
Guillaum-us either!

~Master Crypt Keeper,

Unknown said...

I DOnt see my site Toys of My Past? Let Me Know Thanks

Lisa said...

I don't see me on the list either - Maple Grove Cemetery. I filled out the form a while back....

Susan Renshaw said...

Shame I missed out on this...too late

Susan Renshaw said...

I just filled out the form again - but never mind... Happy Halloween!

Steve Miller said...

Somehow, I totally missed this year's sign-up! Hopefully, I'll be back and partaking next year!