Aug 30, 2021

Cryptkeeping Update and Impatience (lol) #CountdowntoHalloweenblog2021 2021list

Hey Crypsters,

A few updates. But before I get to that...

We are finally moving into September...giddy! It seems like it is taking October FOREVER to get here. However, get here it will eventually.

I don't know about you but I have been (impatiently) waiting for the stores to get the Fall/Halloween decor  in. I went to a well-known craft store the other day and they HAD tons of stuff. I say HAD because what they did have was sold...gone...the shelves were seriously empty!

I then went to the bulls eye store and they had not even put up one pumpkin yet. No bats, no webs, not even candy! What the heck? The shelves were bare but not in a good way. Come on! Let's get with it people!

As I said, impatient!

So, as for our blog here and getting ready, you all are incredible! We have so far got 56 sign ups. Keep sharing and telling folks about us. Let people know that almost anything goes here as long as it is Halloween related. Don't forget to mention Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube are all accepted this year as well.

Having said that, there are a couple of people who signed up their Twitter or Facebook. We appreciate you doing Halloween there too but we will not put you on the countdown with just those. So, if you don't see you there for that, this is why! ok?

I have a few people that I need some help from. I hate to call you out but maybe you will see yourself.

Jonathan Bilski: Please leave me a link to your blog. You signed up but no link.
Cheeks DeBelly aka Man Hole: I have no link for you either.

Make sure to check your links otherwise.
Hang in there, October is coming!

Michelle and Dex

Aug 21, 2021

Blogs Added...Dex Interviews... #countdowntohalloweenblog2021

Hi ya all!

Just sliding in to tell you the blog list has been updated. Make sure you have checked your link that they are working. I do still need an update from our LA correspondent Jim? I do not have your correct link.

Remember that right now I am only updating the list once a week, usually sometime on the weekend. Beginning in September I will be checking it at least twice a week if not more. 

Also, the deadline for signing up is OCOTBER 3rd. Sorry but we have to have this so we can travel the spooky highways and visit. Make sure to invite! At one point in our hysterical history we had 400 bloggers on the rolls!

Last but certainly not least: Give a shout out to Dex! He is running our Instagram postings and we need more. Drop him a line with some photos AND if you would like to be interviewed let him know. He has only 13 spots!

Boo ya,

Michelle & Dex

Aug 20, 2021

Halloween Interview Victims Wanted

Did I say victims? I certainly meant volunteers!
Dex here, the other half of your two-headed Halloween Countdown Host.

For the past few years, I've been doing email interviews with people to share their experiences and thoughts on Halloween to post on AEIOU and Sometimes Why.

If you haven't done one yet and would like to, email dex1138 (at) with the subject Halloween Interview and I'll send you the questions. Photos are not required but strongly encouraged! They can be of anything Halloween related and three or four would be best. There are only 13 interview slots open.
As a little incentive, anyone in the US that participates will get a postcard from Salem, MA! I know some of you have done this in the past so if you're not sure, I'll double check for you.

If you want to see what you're in for first, click here to read Michelle's interview from last year.

Aug 13, 2021

Link List and Friday the 13th

Happy Friday the 13th! Do you own a black cat? I used to and loved her until she started using my legs as a scratching post.

Anyway, just a simple update: I have added all the blogs that have signed up except for...Jonathan Bilski"s "Things to do in LA". Please resubmit with a link to your blog. Thanks!

Everyone else, please click on your link and make sure it is working. If it is not, DO NOT RESUBMIT, simply post a comment to me and I will fix it.

Thanks everyone!


Aug 12, 2021

And there is more...


We have been getting the feedback about those badges! 
WELL...Senor Scary Jerry is on a roll! In case you cannot decide which one you want, check this out by looking over there. WHOA!!!!!


NOTE: He did say that this works best on a black background.

Yes, this is an alternative you can use too. Remember to link back.

ALSO... Don't forget to send photos to Dex or tag us at @countdowntohalloweenblog Let's show Instagram what we are all about.

AND ANOTHER THING: Did you know we have a pet spider? Look for him/her too. It needs a name. Tell us in comments what we should name it. Best answer gets a prize. Winner announced Saturday!

More to come!

As Dex says, "Keep it spooky!"  Master Crypt Keeper Michelle

Aug 9, 2021

Hey, hey! For the love of the badges!

Hey, hey our fellow creepers, many things are afoot.  Look what has arrived! You have your choice of three again this year and we think they are wonderful. Thank you to Senor Scary Jerry who reached out to make them this year. You have done a great job!  @senorscaryjerry

All you need to do to link them to your blog or whatnot is to download the image and upload it to your blogs. Please make sure you add a link when people click them on...  

If you are using Instagram/TikTok/YouTube, you have permission to upload the image but again, link it to our blog. I am sure Senor Scary would not mind a shout out either.

Oh, but wait, before you go! He is also making a new banner for us and that will be coming soon. Whoot!

Keep it scary and stay tuned,

Michelle & Dex

Aug 8, 2021

Another update to please note!


Hello Creepers,

Please note the following:

Blogger shut down the subscribe by email feature as of this month. So, we had to come up with something for ya all to be seeing all the fabulous boos. Note over there------>

that we now have a new subscribe by email.

We would love you even more if you would please sign up? Even if you had signed up before, you will need to do it again because you will no longer get our feeds in your email otherwise. I do know it is working because I signed up myself!

Thanks everyone!  Stay tuned, more stuff coming!


Aug 2, 2021

The main crypt is open! #countdowntohalloween

Hello Creepy Friends,

Have you noticed changes afoot in the crypt? Yes, we have begun sprucing up with some new spider webs, wicks for the pumpkins, and all sorts of creepiness.

Please note the right side bar has new information. 

Things will be update throughout August and September and ready for October. Be watching for the 2021 badges soon. They are fabulously wicked!

Check out how many crypt keepers have already signed up! 

Frequently come back for something new.

Michelle & Dex