Aug 12, 2021

And there is more...


We have been getting the feedback about those badges! 
WELL...Senor Scary Jerry is on a roll! In case you cannot decide which one you want, check this out by looking over there. WHOA!!!!!


NOTE: He did say that this works best on a black background.

Yes, this is an alternative you can use too. Remember to link back.

ALSO... Don't forget to send photos to Dex or tag us at @countdowntohalloweenblog Let's show Instagram what we are all about.

AND ANOTHER THING: Did you know we have a pet spider? Look for him/her too. It needs a name. Tell us in comments what we should name it. Best answer gets a prize. Winner announced Saturday!

More to come!

As Dex says, "Keep it spooky!"  Master Crypt Keeper Michelle


ionabunny said...

Spider name Ariadne. Sorry, left my inventive brain on the table and zombies ate it. I'm new here and have sent a sign up dingsen. Haven't heard anything, but you are probably busy with the crypt decorating. Glad I found you. Hugz

ionabunny said...

Oh yeah, badges very cool. Combined badges super cool. Hugz

Lady M said...

Boris the spider

Michelle aka Naila Moon said...

ionabunny-you are on the list. Welcome!
Just a note: If you have not heard from me or Dex, then most likely you are good to go. Make sure your link works and if it does not, message me through a comment. ALso, check here often because I make loads of announcements and postings.

Guillaume said...

I'll take the raven for sure this year. It's just so perfect.