Aug 8, 2022

The Crypt Creaks Open!

In case you're not on the mailing list from last year, sign ups are now open!

The full moon shines down on a forgotten cemetery. The pale light creates an ethereal silver glow as it reflects over an ever present ground fog. The fog breaks slightly as a black cat bounds between the headstones and stops at the door to an ancient stone crypt. The door creaks open slowly with the weight of centuries. Stale air and a warm, flickering orange glow begin to spill out. "Ah, it's good to be alive," you think. "Again."

On behalf of Michelle and myself, welcome back to the annual blogger Countdown to Halloween!

If you'll be joining us this year, head over to the link in the top right column.
Feel free to pass it on to any like minded spirits!

We're still hopping on all social platforms so please include a link back to the Countdown site ( on your posts.

You can also use #countdowntohalloween & #countdowntohalloween2022 as those are followed on Instagram to look for things to repost from our account (

Our theme this year is old school Trick or Treat. Classic plastic mask/smock costumes, pillowcases full of candy, you get the idea.

We've got a groovy ghoul cooking up blog badges and we'll post those in the coming weeks.

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endo said...

Thanks to all involved for continuing to bring us this fantastic Countdown to Halloween! Really look forward to this every year. Can't wait!!