Oct 7, 2022

OH MY GHOURD!! #CountdowntoHalloween2022


It is already 7 days in and I am soooo behind. I have read all of your messages and have fixed links and added people. At this point, I will add no more. However, if you are looking for your link and signed up, check back because I probably did not get to you yet.

Now, a word about those links. Seriously folks, we go through this every single haunted house year. You send them to me and I post the scrawlings on the house walls with my blood and sweat. I ask you, I plead with you. I might even howl to please check them before October 1st. Oy! So, puh-leeze check your links. Go now, I will wait. If it is not fixed and you don't tell me, then I don't know because I don't check them

ok, moving on...

I will be going trick or treating soon to all of your pages probably in the next day or so. I am not sure if Dex has started but we will get there. I promise. I will probably be in a costume...ok, ok...jeans/shorts and a Halloween t-shirt. Make sure you drop by other people's too. We like those treats!

Ohhhhh yeah, speaking of which, I have seen a couple people have purchased  the official Countdown t-shirt. If you have, post us a photo of you wearing it. You are likely to end up on Instagram too (be sure to tag @countdowntohalloweenblog!). Do you go visit Dex there? He does a great job for an ax murderer...um...I mean for a host of the monster persuasion! *grins cheezy*

So, how are you my bois and ghouls? Drop me a comment.

Your Master Crypt Keeper, Michelle


Lady M said...

Thank you for fixing my link. You are the bomb. Sorry I did not check it. It was one of my readers who let me know. I have purchased a chad savage countdown t-shirt for myself and Baby M and we will be modelling them in all their glory. Yaay!

Michelle aka Naila Moon said...

I went through the G's.
I will start H's tomorrow.

Guillaume said...

I'm behind commenting on blogs.

Michelle aka Naila Moon said...

It's okay, no worries, no pressure. Do your best even if you just visit a few.

Cerpts said...

I've purchased a T-shirt too and can't wait till it arrives!