Oct 17, 2021

Little Past Half Way to Halloween #countdowntoHalloween2021

Hey Creeps! 

We are a little past halfway to Halloween, can you believe it? This month is flying by!

How are we all doing? Have you been able to get around to others? What about our Instagram, have you been there? Dex is rocking it over there too!

Chime in and say hello!

I am back from vacation and also on the mend so, I will be around this week. Got candy? I could use a Snickers! Just sayin'!

Michelle, MCC


Jeremy [Retro] said...

I never got signed up, but I have had my countdown goings on and I am gonna check out some of the other ghoul friends... best of luck everyone!


Tjalgahorn said...

Been a very busy Halloween this year! (Especially when compared to last year). Felt the need to make up for 2020, and so far I've been able to do just that :)

Jamdin said...

Yeah, October always seem to fly by way too fast.

Steve Miller said...

I have candy already, but I'll be shocked if trick-or-treaters find my new place. Grubhub drivers certainly can't!

Michelle aka Naila Moon said...

That is funny Steve! Throw some candy my way, will ya?

Tjalgahorn-I hear ya. 2020 failed us but heck if we are going to let that happen this year!

Jeremy-hope to see you in the future!

Michelle, MCC