Sep 30, 2009

The Participants

If you want to know which houses are giving out the good candy this year, then look no further than the list below. Remember when you stop by to say thank you by leaving them a comment for all the hard work they've put into making Halloween the greatest holiday of the year.

All sites are listed alphabetically. Keep checking back as updates will be made all month long. It's never too late to join in. Just let us know who would like to be included and send us a link.

All Eyes And Ears

All Things Horror

Anime Hell

Arbogast on Film

Armagideon Time

The Armchair Chef

Art After Dark

Art By Bubba Shelby

Atom Kid


Azathoth's Abode on the Plateau of Leng

Azathoth's Abode on the Plateau of Leng: The Dungeon

B-Movie Star

Black Sun


Bliss Massacre


Branded In The 80s

Caffeinated Joe

The Captain's Ramblings

The Catalogue of Curiosities

The Cathode Ray Mission

Cavalcade of Awesome

Chuck Norris Ate My Baby

Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom


Crafty Lady Abby

Creature from the Blog 3-D

Creepy Cupcakes

Creepy LA

Dartman's World of Wonder

Dave Lowe Design

The Davis House News


Dinner With Max Jenke

Distinctly Jamaican Sounds

Diversions of the Groovy Kind

Doo Wacka Doodles

Domestic Witch

Dr. K's 100 Page Super Spectacular


The Drunken Severed Head

Eric M. Smith Illustration

The Fantastical World of Holidays (Folk Art)


The Fin Tank

Final Girl

Frankensteinia: The Frankenstein Blog

Freddy In Space

Friday Nite Fries

Frog on the Pumpkin

The Gallows

Geek Orthodox

The Ghosts of Halloween Past

Ghosts! Witches! Monsters!

The Gothic Tea Society

Gravedigger's Local 16

Halloween Addict

Halloween Hooplah

The Halloween Tree

Haunt Style

Hooked on Hypnocil

Horror Host Graveyard

The Horrors Of It All

I Wear Snark Upon My Sleeve


Kaedrin Weblog

Kafka's Sister

The Late Late Show

The Laughing Reindeer

Life as an Ewok

The Lightning Bug's Lair


Macabre Drive-In Theater

Magic Carpet Burn

Magikal Seasons

Mark Harvey's World

Me, You, and a Blog Named Boo

The Metal Misfit

Michael May's Adventureblog

Mr. Chicken's Yard Haunt

Mr. Macabre's Hallowe'en Celebrations

Monsters Cereal

Monster Crazy

Monster Land

Monster Movie Music

Monster Rally

Monster Spookshow Radio

Monsterland Ohio

The Moon is a Dead World

Moongem Comics

Mother Firefly's Faster Pussycats

Music You (Possibly) Won't Hear Anyplace Else

Musty TV

My Creative Life

My Ghoul Friday

My Life in Pumpkins

My Little World

My Monster Memories

My Two Yen Worth

Neato Coolville

Negative Pleasure

Negative Pleasure 2

Olympic Artichoke

One Cadaver, Two Cadaver, Three Cadaver, Four

Orange and Black - The Spirit of Halloween

Panic on the 4th of July

Paper & Plastic Please

Para Abnormal

PeanutGnome's World

Peter's Choice Awards

Plaid Stallions

Plastic Fetish

Plastic Pumpkins

Potato Blog




Radiator Heaven

Random Acts of Geekery

Reanimated Rags

Redecorating Middle Earth in Early Lovecraft

The Retropolitian Presents: Tales to Astonish!


Roxana Illuminated Perfume

Scary Salt Lake

Secret Mountain Laboratory

The Sexy Armpit

Sexy Witch


She's Batty Designs

Shellhawk's Nest

Sketchup/Screw Up

Skull A Day

Spooky Laboratory

squelchbaker blogs.

Step Up to the Mike

Strange Kids Club

Super Blogliness!


Ténèbres à la lumière

The Surfing Pizza

That Is So Queer

That Was My Foot


Things That Don't Suck

13 Visions

This Guy Over Here

Thrill Fiction

Through the Patch

Tiki Ranch

Trick or Blog

Trixie's Treats

Two Thumbs, Eight Fingers...

The Typing Monkey

Unique, Unusual, and Interesting Art

Universal Horror Sounds


Vinnie Ratolle's

Vintage Postcard Blog

Walks By Night

Weird Hollow

Whatever I Think Of

The Windesphere Witch

Wonderful Wonderblog

Work of My Hands

X-Ray Spex


Raven176 said...

This will kill some serious time at work.
Thanks, as always, to all involved.

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

I am on to write my first post for October!!!! :)

It is scary, it involves spiders...I know, no suprise coming from the frog queen :)

This is going to be fun!!!


Pierre Fournier said...

Amazing list! I'm going to click every link!

Eric Smith said...

Spooky! Hey, I'm participating in the countdown with creepy crawly cartoons at my art blog. Link: Title: Eric M. Smith Illustration.

Thanks again for putting this all together!

PeanutGnome said...

Wow, I'm humbled to be on such an amazing list. I've posted my first and mentioned the list, and I hope everyone has a great season.

Adam Gott said...

The Vintage Postcard Blog is also participating:

Phillyradiogeek said...

I've posted my first contribution as well, just an intro to the whole celebration. Please check it out, and I'll check out everybody's great work as well!

Shawn Robare said...

Raven - You're telling me. I have no excuse for being bored during October, that's for sure...

Frog Queen - After you're encounters with the 8-legged kind I'm surprised you opted for a giant prop spider. Hopefully the other medium spiders in your area don't gather around it as if it's some sort of evil Sumerian god...

Pierre - Yes it is, and I hope you don't get lost along the way as it's a big one this year...

Eric - You've been added to the list, can't wait to see what you've got in store.

Peanut - Thanks, and welcome to the fun, this is a pretty great community.

Adam - Check, Vintage Postcards has been added.

PRG - Going over to check it out right now...

Wings1295 said...

Wow! Good thing I have posted ahead, cause I am gonna be spending tons of time checking out all these other blogs.

Glad to be part of such great company!

Caffeinated Joe

The Artful Gypsy aka Wendy the Very Good Witch said...

Hooray! Today is the first day of October and it's time to celebrate blog style. I have a Halloween CD Give Away already posted, and I will also be posting my art, photography and other Hallowe'en Hocus Pocus throughout this most spooktacular month! I'm very excited to check out the other great blogs. Trick or Treat! :o)

AHS said...

Thanks for the list! Please do add my blog Redecorating Middle-Earth in Early Lovecraft - I'll be making daily Halloween posts with classic horror texts, as well as graphics, links, etc. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Monsterland Ohio is also participating:

Carrie Mae said...

I think I'm participating, but maybe not on purpose. :)

Feel free to include me!

(creepy cupcakes:


Shawn Robare said...

AHS, Carrie Mae, & Mark - The list has been updated with your sites. Welcome!

Shawn Robare said...

Joe & Wendy - Can't wait to see what you've got in store...

Bubbashelby said...

What a crowd! I'll be up late all October fishing through these treats!

Kelly said...

Nice to find out, after all these years, that I am not alone in my love for Halloween!

Anonymous said...

The Catalogue of Curiosities would like to join...

Chad Thorson said...

I started blogging today also. I didn't realize there was an organized Halloween blog! Could I be included?

Chad Thorson said...

Here's the link to my site!

Can I play too? :)

ArtAfterDark said...

Love your blog and art! I've been posting for Halloween for weeks with some spooky pics and disturbing little dolls....please include me in your Countdown! My site is


Dash MacBastard said...

Paper And Plastic Please will be reviewing horror toys and acion figures all through the month of October. Check it out here...

Mr. Chicken said...

ooo...this is great! Please add

Anonymous said...

Holy crap.

This is so excellent - I was just looking for something like this and did not know this existed.

Thanks for putting it together


matt d

David Thiel said...

Please add:

I'm profiling 31 monsters for the month of October!


Trader Sam said...

How cool! I guess you could count me in, but I'm not sure if I'd qualify. I use blogging software (Wordpress) to post relevant updates on my websites, and I certainly don't do it every day (maybe once a week). But, I do have some Halloweenish goodies available or coming. You be the judge . . .

First up is Doorless Chambers, a week-long trick-or-treating event (October 25-31) for Disney enthusiasts. The event works like a Web Ring, with several websites offering some type of Disney/Halloween goody to download or play with. Guests can also browse through the website's older posts and find links to more goodies and websites.

Next, is the Disney Experience. I will be offering a few Disney Halloweenish goodies throughout the month.

Lastly are some papercrafts that I'm experimenting with. They're not free, but they're cheap. I decided to design four papercrafts to hand out to the neighborhood kids this year along with candy. The crafts are pre-punched, so the only tool needed is glue. They're a tad expensive to make by hand, so I thought I'd sell them online for $1.00 a piece (plus S&H) to help pay for supplies.

Feel free to edit out information in this comment (or not post it at all). I'm not trying to sell anything or get free advertising (I don't need it). I just thought folks might like to know about these things.

Mr. Karswell said...

Damn. With a list as huge and full of quality links as this, CTH is the only blog REALLY worthy of using the term "Countdown." I'm proud to be part of it... thanks for putting this together and all in one easy, accessible place.

mumblyjoe said...

I'm going to try to post a new image for every day of the month:

The Geekus Halloween countdown

Please include me in your list.


Bryce Wilson said...

If it's not to late I'd love to get in on this. I'm doing a 31 Days of horror marathon.

Mandra said...

Awesome list! Thanks for all from Draculand!

TriviaJoe said...

I am running a month of trivia questions at my site: The Trivia of the Day Game - Love to have new players!

Belle Dee said...

I see that both of my blogs ended up on the list when I only meant for the one! Yikes!
Doo Wacka Doodles is where the countdown is happening & Oh! So Spooky! Oh! So Scary! is not doing the countdown.

Shawn Robare said...

Belle Dee - Opps, sorry about that. Corrected...

Shawn Robare said...

Evil Dead Junkie, MumblyJoe, Atom Kid, Scoot Brothers, ArtAfterDark, Mr. Chicken, Dash, & David - List is updated...

Ginny said...

How fun, love Halloween. I'd like to participate as well ~ My Creative Life ~

Bryce Wilson said...

Awesome. Thanks for putting this blog together. It's unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for rounding these up. Please add my site, Thanks!

Shawn Robare said...

Evil Dead Junkie - Thanks for the thanks man, and your welcome.

SheWalksSoftly & Ginny - The list has been updated with your sites...

Unknown said...

Any way I can get on here?
I will be posting horror movie reviews almost every day for the whole month, plus trying to post 31 days of my favorite Halloween TV specials.

You can check it out at

Warren said...

Thanks for counting me in!

Unknown said...

i too am posting all things horror movies... desktops and reviews...

i am a newbie, please add me!

2vs8 [jeremy]

Space Kook said...

Cool idea, I'd love to get down with this. Will be posting lots of TV Halloween specials and miscellaneous junk all month.

there's so many blogs here doing this already, these are good people

Matt-suzaka said...

Wow! That was fast! Thanks for adding my blog to the list...I am trully honored as a blogger and as a Halloween horror hound to take part! I can't wait to clickity click on all the other sites that are on here. This will quench my Halloween thirst for sure!!

Widgett said...

Howdy.'s 32 Days of Halloween celebration is in its third year and we'd love to party with you guys.

Cheap Beer said...

It's a pretty classy blog. A definate Halloween (and year round)read.

Will Pfeifer said...

If it's not too late to jump on the bandwagon, consider X-Ray Spex ( part of your countdown -- and thanks!

Zachary Kelley said...

Hey there. Count me in on the countdown fun. I've got horror movies every day and a special countdown of the top 13 sequels leading up to halloween.

Jordan in Texas said...

I'm definitely participating:

Great service you've done, btw. I'm clicking on all of them right away!

Unknown said...

Radiator Heaven is also participating by looking at horror films all this month!

Shawn Robare said...

Ryne, Warren, Jeremy, Space Kook, Matt Suzaka, Widget, Mr. The Cheap Beer, Will, T.L., Warfreak, & J.D. - All of your blogs have been added to the list. Happy haunting!

Professor Brian O'Blivion said...

Cool Idea, I'd like to participate.
Here's my blog...

Thanks guys.

Michelle said...

Excellent idea--lots of blogs to add to my reading list!

I'd also like to add mine--we were already staring a Halloween-every-day blog for fun. It's mainly our own craft designs and costume play right now.

Unknown said...

Please add us to the list!


Shawn Robare said...

Brian, Michelle, & Tohoscope - Your sites have been added!

Raven176 said...'s still growing...

Love it.

nice work by all.

Illuminated Perfume said...

I'd love to be part of this!
First post is up: Snakes & Ladders

thecadaver said...

I would also like to join the wondrous masses. I've been following them religiously and want to play with the big kids.

Unknown said...

if it's not too late, could you please add my blog to your list - i'm doing a photo countdown :)

happy october everyone!

Shawn Robare said...

Roxana, the Cadaver, squelchbaker - List has been updated. Spooky tidings to all...

Michael May said...

Michael May's Adventureblog is also participating with The 31 Monsters of Halloween!

John Rozum said...

Michael, You've been added. Welcome aboard.

Nikki Purcell said...

This is a fantastic idea. Can you add my Halloween blog to your list since I will be adding content all month as well.
Title: Trick Or Blog

Paul said...

I'm doing a "30 Days of Horror" movie review marathon. Please add my blog to your list:

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

This is only my first year so I am just posting a cool daily carved pumpkin.

Thrill Fiction said...

My October theme is to critique (as opposed to review) the saw series. having said that I also write an ongoing series on horror remakes - the latset being The Wicker man.

So please add Thrill Fiction to the list -

Because television has primetime and the movies have stars.

Great work and concept guys.

Crystal said...

Could you please add me to your very cool neighborhood?

merricat said...

I'm late to the party but, I'm here..counting down.
Follow the breadcrumbs to Blackwood :

ratatouille's archives said...

Hi! Shawn Robare,
Thanks, for adding my blog to your roll, but most importantly...
...Shawn, I hope all the ghost(guys) and ghouls(girls)...don't forget to pay homage to Mr. Ghoul himself...Bela Lugosi on October 19, 2009...the day he was born.

DeeDee ;-O

surly hack said...

What a great idea! I wish I had heard of this sooner. Starting Monday on my blog, Limerwrecks, I'm posting a Frankenstein film limerick every day until halloween.

Hilary Barta

Will Errickson said...

I'd love to be a part of this countdown, even though we're halfway there! I look forward to reading other folks' entries as well.

The Long Island Ripper said...


cool idea for halloween. can you please add my blog to this list? I have tons of horror soundtracks that i'm sure your readers would dig listening to on Halloween and more's on the way.

thanks! take care.

Mark said...

Well, I don't update every day, but I started 6 weeks before Halloween and will be posting more during the homestretch.

Also of note:

(He posts a lot more than I do:)

Anonymous said...

I would love to be included in this great list. I have a "Svengoolie" tribute site. Sven is a long-time horror host from Chicago. The site has been all re=done for Halloween. Check it out at make sure to click on "Svengoolie's Haunted Carnival" for a special treat!

ratatouille's archives said...

Hi! Shawn Robare,
"Shawn, I hope all the ghost(guys) and ghouls(girls)...don't forget to pay homage to Mr. Ghoul himself...Bela Lugosi on October 19,...the day he was born."

Oops! actor Bela Lugosi's Birthday is on
October 20,...I'am so sorry, but I'am quite sure that "true" Bela Lugosi's fans knew that I made a (Boo-Boo!) other words, a "mistake" when I said, actor Bela Lugosi's B-Day was on 10/19...

DeeDee ;-D

Rev. Dr. said...

Second try. I'm trying to do something extra with my page for October.

Shonen King said...

Hi I would like to participate too!!!

Black Sun

Thank You

Shonen King said...

Hello, I would like to participate.

Chicago Ghouls


Frank Kurtz said...

I'm definitely a Halloween fanatic and Monster Kid who would like to be placed on your list. My Blog is located at The Laughing Reindeer name might not sound spooky, but I've been posting all month long, so far. There's plenty more to come, too!
Can hardly wait to check out all these sites, Quite a few are already favorites of mine!

Marie Patterson Studio said...

If I'm not too late, please link my blog....I'm doing Halloween posts all this week!

Kaycee said...

Wow, what a success this blog ended up being.

Shawn Robare said...

FFaC - I'm more impressed with the amount of dedicated bloggers who have a passion for the holiday. I'm just hope this site acted as a good resource for finding all of them...

Anonymous said...

Great site! I would be honored if you would add my site: Kafka's Sister at

Happy Halloween!

Raven176 said...

I'd just like to thank Shawn, John and Jon for popping up this site. Made it a lot easier to follow all the blogs. And I'd like to thank all the bloggers who participated. It's been great.
I hope this tradition continues.

Will Errickson said...

Countdown guys, thanks so much. I discovered lots of cool new blogs & really got off my ass for my own!

Thrill Fiction said...

Mucho Grasias to the Countdown crew.

Halloween will be over after tonight but horror lives on.

Anonymous said...

The smell of death is in on my breathe; Halloween is finally upon us... Positive vibes to you and yours this Halloween!

Matt-suzaka said...

Happy Halloween!

This Guy said...

Hey! Proud to be part of Countdown to Halloween! I'm doing an all day Blogathon for Halloween, you can check it out at This Guy Over Here: Horror

Best horror films of the 2000s. Thanks!!!

Wings1295 said...

Thanks to all, those of you who set up this excellent hub for all of us, and those who participated. It has been a blast!

How many days til Halloween now?


Tim said...

add me for 2010

I link to your blog

Drake said...

The Macabre Drive-In Theater is no more for reasons i can't explain because i don't know why, blogger killed my blogs. But the Macabre is alive again as Macabre Drive-In Theatre

The new Macabre will countdown to Halloween.