Oct 14, 2014


Cat over at Spooky Moon has been crafting a lot of Halloween goodies and she wants to give them away. She's asking everyone who'd like to potentially take home one of these spooky treats to enter her raffle by sending her a Halloween card. For full details check out the contest rules here.

Whether you end up entering, or not, to thank her for her generosity, and being one of our very own cool cryptkeepers, be sure to check out her blog and leave comments on what you find there.

Also, Ed over at AEIOU and Sometimes Why is holding a giveaway for some pretty darn neat Halloween-y postcards mailed directly from Salem!  Head on over to the site to snag one before they're all gone and you could win a sweet mystery box of fun goodies.



frykitty said...

Thank you so much for posting this for me! I have a lot to give away. :)

Shawn Robare said...

Thanks for being so gracious and joining the Countdown Cat!