Sep 30, 2017

This Year's Participants - Cryptkeepers 2017

Enter, if you dare! Each link below leads into its own chamber of horrors. Dare you visit them all? Be sure to comment at the blogs you visit so that they know you appreciate all their hard work, otherwise I won't be responsible for what may happen.

2017 Halloween Music Mix
AEIOU and Sometimes Why
Action Figure Barbecue
Alexis' 31 Days of Halloween
AllHallowSteve the Halloween Addict
The Altered Paper
And Everything Else Too
Armagideon Time
ART by GB Giuseppe Balestra
The Art of CSR
Author CSR
Awesome Horror Streams for Hallowe'en Screams on Roku
Bat N Kat
The Big Scare
Blood and Black Rum Podcast
Byron Fenris' Terrortorium
Camera Viscera
Caramel Apple Day
Catalogue of Curiosities
Cavalcade of Awesome
Celluloid Terror
Celluloid Terror (YouTube channel)
Celtic Pumpkin
Cersei Marie's Halloween Cosplay Blog
Cheers! with Chelsea
Chuck Norris Ate My Baby
Cinema Crazed
Cinema 4: Cel Bloc
The Cinema 4 Pylon
Cinematic Catharsis
Classic Horrors Club
Count Gregula - The Official Site
Count Gregula's Crypt - ChicagoNow
Creepy LA
Cult of the Great Pumpkin
Culturally Significant!
DI Treasures
The Dark Art of Chad Savage
Dave Lowe Design
Deadpan Flook and the Blog of Stuff!
Deadpan Flook's Gruesome Games
Dwräyger Dungeon
Empty Birdhouses
The EOFFTV Review
Euclid Boo
Forgotten Films
Frankenstein Forever
Frankensteinia, the Frankenstein Blog
Garage Sale Finds
The Ghost Town
The Goods
Gravediggers Local 16
The Grim Gallery
Hallow-Holies Anonymous / (mirror site)
Halloween Hits
Halloween Holler
Halloween Short Films
Halloween Special
The Haunted Drive-In
Haunted Eve's Halloween Blog
Haunted Eve's Halloween Yard Haunt
Hellowe'en Horror
Herban Lovespells
Highbury Cemetery
The Horrors of Halloween
The Horrors of it All
Horrors Online
I-Mockery's Two Months of Halloween Celebration
Incense & Cookies
Incipient Wings
Into the Cauldron
It Came From The Man Cave!
Jim Fanning's Tulgey Wood
John Rozum
Kaedrin Weblog
Lady M's Haunted Parlor
The Land of Cerpts and Honey
The Man Hole
The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit
Maple Grove Cemetery
Mark Harvey's World
Me and You and a Blog Named Boo
Me and You Too
Michael May
The Mixed Up Monster Club
Monster Crazy
Monster Movie Kid
The Moon is a Dead World
Moongem Comics
Mr. and Mrs. Halloween
Musings and Merriments with Michelle
Musty TV
My Two Yen Worth
The Necro Nom-nom-nomicon
Negative Pleasure
The New Adventures of Desdinova the Super Villain of the Ozarks
Nightmare City Halloween
Nightmare City Halloween 2017
OTIS - Odd Things I've Seen
Radiator Heaven
the rain causes pain in my brain
Rare Halloween Cartoons, Movies and Videos
Reading Authors
Redecorating Middle-Earth in Early Lovecraft
Russian Nerd
Scare Me On Fridays
Secret Fun Spot
Shades of Gray
The Shark Film Office
Shellhawk's Nest
Silent Weirdness
Six Foot Plus
SIYS Radio
The Skeleton Key
Something Got Me Started
Something WicKED This Way Comes
Spooky Little Halloween
Spooky Moon
Spooky Vegan
Step Up to the Mike
Strange Kids Club
Swing with Shad
Terror Titans
Toys of My Past
Uncle Ernie's Creature Ink
Unique Unusual or Interesting II
Vraie Fiction
We Who Watch Behind the Rows
Weird Christmas
Weird Christmas (main)
Whatever Happened to the Transylvania Twist?
Who Killed Orrin Grey?
The Windesphere Witch
Wonderful Wonderblog
Working Dead Productions
Your Final Answer


Phillyradiogeek said...

Happy Halloween! I still don't have my first post up yet, but I'll have it up later today. Promise!

ShellHawk said...

Thank you, John, for keeping up this tradition, year after year!

Unknown said...

Happy Halloween!! Thanks to everyone involved in this!!

The Haunted Drive -in said...

Psyched to be doing this again. My blog has been almost dead for years now, but this time I've got the resources to participate once more! Guess my blog is undead!

siys said...

I've written several times following all of the details to the letter and never received an invite.

Word News said...

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