Sep 30, 2019

This Year's Participants - Cryptkeepers 2019

Welcome foolish mortals. The following list contains all of the blogs which are participating in this year's Countdown to Halloween. Each is offering their own distinctive month long celebration of this chilling holiday we all hold dear. If you would like to see your own mausoleum added to the list find out how here.

13 Visions
2019 Halloween Music Mix
Abe R. Rant's Guide To Petrifying Podcasts on Roku
Action Figure Barbecue's 31 Days of Toy Terror
AEIOU and Sometimes Why
And Everything Else Too
ART by GB - Giuseppe Balestra (Facebook)
ART by GB - Giuseppe Balestra (Instagram)
B-Movie Star
Bat N' Kat
Byron Fenris' Terrortorium
Camera Viscera
Caramel Apple Day
Cavalcade of Awesome
Cheers! with Chelsea
Cinema Crazed
Cinematic Catharsis
Classic Horrors Club
Count Gregula - The Official Site
Count Gregula's Crypt - ChicagoNow
Cult of the Great Pumpkin
The Dark Art of Chad Savage
Dave Lowe Design
Deadpan Flook And The Blog Of Stuff!
DI Treasures
Dinosaur Dracula
Dwrayger Dungeon - Where it's 13 O'Clock on the 13th Floor!
Eldritch Hobbit (tumblr)
Eldritch Hobbit (Dreamwidth)
Euclid Boo Blog
Garage Sale Finds
The Ghoulie Guide
The Grim Gallery
Halloween Hits
Halloween Holler
Halloween Thing
Hallow-Holics Anonymous Blog
Hallow-Holics Anonymous (Wordpress)
Haunted Eve's Halloween Blog
Haunted Eve's Halloween Photo Albums
The Haunted Library
Hellowe'en Horror
Hero Histories
Highbury Cemetery
Holiday Film Reviews
Horror Comics of the 1950s
The Horrors of Halloween
The Horrors Of It All
Horrors Online
I-Mockery's Two Months of Halloween 
In Poor Taste
Into The Cauldron - Halloween Miscellany of Malevolent Mirth
It Came From The Man Cave
Jackie's Bookbytes
Jim Fanning's Tulgey Wood
John Rozum
Kaedrin Weblog Six Weeks of Halloween 
Kansas City Cinephile
Lady M's Haunted Parlor
The Land of Cerpts and Honey
LeighSBDesigns Art Stamps 31 Days of Halloween Blog Hop - Dragons, Halloween, Puppets and Sharks
Maple Grove Cemetery
Mark Harvey's World
Masked Ephemera
Me and You and a Blog Named Boo
Me and You Too
Michael May
Michael May's Tumblr
Monster Movie Kid
Moongem Comics
Mr. and Mrs. Halloween 
Musings & Merriment with Michelle
Musty TV
My Two Yen Worth
New Adventures of Desdinova the Super Villain of the Ozarks
Nightmare City Halloween 2019 - 40th Anniversary
OTIS - Odd Things I've Seen
The Rain Causes Pain In My Brain
Rare Halloween Videos, Cartoons, Specials and Movies
Reading Authors Network
Rip Jagger's Dojo
Scare Me On Fridays
Secret Sanctum of Captain Video
Seduction of the Innocent
Señor Scary
Señor Scary's Halloween
Shades of Gray
She Walks Softly
ShellHawk's Nest
Silent Wierdness
Something wicKED this way comes...
Spooky Little Halloween
Spooky Moon
Swing With Shad
Terror Titans
Things To Do In LA Halloween Posts
Toys of My Past
True Love Comics Tales
Unique Unusual or Interesting II
Vraie Fiction
Weird Christmas (but we do Halloween, too!)
Whatever Happened to the Transylvania Twist?
Who Killed Orrin Grey?
The Windesphere Witch
Wonderful Wonderblog
Xmas Dolly
Zombie Crossings


Phillyradiogeek said...

I can't wait to see what everyone has in store this year! Happy Halloween!

Caffeinated Joe said...

Thank you for running the Countdown yet again - much appreciated. Happy October and Halloween to all!

Richard S. said...

I just noticed that there are no Cryptkeepers under the letter "F".... Quite odd, if you ask me.

Mr Furry said...

Halloween is now closer, I was looking for fursuits for sale but now I think i change my mind i will definitely go for a different costume. Thanks for all the team.

Richard S. said...

Hmmm..... Doesn't seem to be any Cryptkeepers under the letter "F"....


endo said...

Just wanted to thank you John for doing this again this year. The members of my forum and myself really enjoy posting our movies for the 31 Nights of Halloween and checking out all of the other sites taking part.
And, thanks to your daughter for another awesome badge!

Always a little sad to have November 1st roll around, but it's great knowing you arrange this every Halloween. Really helps make the season for me!
Thanks again, and enjoy your Halloween!

From all your fans at Horrors Online.

Caffeinated Joe said...

Thanks for hosting! Was yet another awesome month made better by so many great Halloween posts and pics!

Lady M said...

Help - Where is my blog go? I absolutely participated last year and was on the list.

Lady M said...

Oh there I am- invisible unless one uses the mouse - very spooky.