Oct 14, 2020

Day 15 Check In

How are we all doing? Have you eaten to much candy yet? 

A question: How are you getting around the Coronavirus washout of holidays? What are you doing this year differently than you would probably do for Halloween?

We need our Halloween spirits after all. Make sure you go and trick or treat at other people's blogs.

Master Crypt Keepers,

Michelle and Matt


Barbecue17 said...

So far so good!
I am loving the Witch's Bew Kit-Kats this year. easily my favorite candy of Halloween 2020 so far.

Guillaume said...

So far it's been great although I haven't watched as many horror movies as I have wanted or read as many horror stories as I wished. In fact I've been almost unable to revisit old horror stories as I used to, since I've got so much to read. Next year will start my literary countdown to Halloween mid July.

Richard S. said...

I've been remembering to add "The Countdown to Halloween sent me here!" when I leave a comment at one of the Cryptkeeper's posts.....