Sep 17, 2023

Something Is Afoot! #countdowntohalloween2023

Boils and ghouls,

Have you noticed things are afoot here?  (See what I did there?) The theme this year is a take on "Graveyard Smash." We will be excited about what you come up with for the theme or of course, your own things too.

*The new 2023 t-shirt is ready for purchase. Again, it has been created by Chad Savage and all proceeds will be going to charity. You can find the link at the top right of this page to order.

*Chad once again created our fabulous badges based on the theme. You know how much we love those things on our blogs. Make sure to link them back to the Countdown blog.

*Hmm what else, what else? Oh, have you been checking out our Instagram all year long? Dex has done an amazing job of posting content to it. If you want something featured to it, contact him. You never know what kind of monster will show up there. Links on the sidebar to the right.

We are just a few days away from the Countdown's beginning. Are you ready? If you haven't signed up make sure you do. I will be adding links this coming week to the sidebar. Also, please ask your friends to join. They can join via Instagram, Blogger, TikTok, or YouTube.

See you soon!

Crypt Keeper, Michelle


Guillaume said...

I just signed up. Cannot wait.

Deadpan Flook said...

Have already been hit by usual “Curse of the Blog!” this year, but thankfully it seems to be tech based rather than health based so far! Hopefully I’ll still find plenty to post about, and I’m looking forward to seeing what all the other ghouls and boils have in store for us! 🎃