Oct 11, 2011


With just under three weeks until the big day, it's time to get your candy plan in place for the hordes of trick or treaters that'll be knocking on your door or ringing your bell (of course, those kids dressed up as classic monsters, superheroes, or other geeky characters get extra candy, right?).... or maybe you just need to satisfy your own personal sweettooth!

Well, I have a place you can consider when getting your plan together... a company called Blair Candy, which contacted me last month with an offer to send me some free candy in exchange for posting about them here... well, they came through for me, and so here's the post! When I checked out their website to select what kind of candy I wanted them to send, I was kind of overwhelmed, because there was so much to choose from! I mean, there's all kinds of Halloween-specific candy there, from lollipops to candy bars and more, including stuff I've never seen offered in stores in my neighborhood! But where I think they really excel is in their nostalgic candy bars, the kind of stuff that we had as kids that you can't seem to find these days... Abba Zabba, Big Hunk, Black Cow, Clark Bars, Chick-O-Stick, Chocolate Ice Cubes, Necco Waers, Mallo Cups, Oh Henry, Sky Bar, Zagnut, Zero... and that's not all of them! Plus, they also carry candy with other themes, such as sports, plus there's categories for gluten free and sugar free candy, and you've got to check out their concession candy selections! It would be so easy for me to drop a lot of cash there getting goodies... and it's not all candy, either! You have a variety of shipping options to choose from, too!

Anyway, what they sent me to try out included a Witch's Finger lollipop (which was tasty, but I personally don't have the patience for lollipops), Fright Bites (chocolates shaped like a vampire's mouth -- pretty tasty stuff), and a mixed bag of Twizzlers and Jolly Ranchers (love the former, will save the latter for when we're making Christmas cookies this year). So, yes, I did already get something out of this, but I'll tell you, the package arrived well packed, and it was a nice surprise to see what they sent me (as I said above, I was kind of overwhelmed at the variety, so I asked them to pick for me).

So go check them out, you hear?


Wings1295 said...

Sounds cool! There is a store in Maine we always stop at that has retro stuff by the ton, Yummies. So great there!

ratatouille's archives said...

Hello! Jon K...
Thanks, for the link to Blair Candy.
I will check-it out...too!
deedee ;-D

Fear Street said...


The Artful Gypsy aka Wendy the Very Good Witch said...

Ha...no patience for lollipops! You sound like my husband! He also has no patience for wings and pomegranates...too much work for too little food, ha! That was a 'sweet' score from the candy co., must check them out! :o)