Sep 30, 2011

This Year's Participants

If you want to know which houses are giving out the good candy this year, then look no further than the list below. Remember when you stop by to say thank you by leaving them a comment for all the hard work they've put into making Halloween the greatest holiday of the year.

All sites are listed alphabetically. Keep checking back as updates will be made all month long. It's never too late to join in. Just let us know who would like to be included and send us a link to your blog(s) that you'd like to have included.
IMPORTANT NOTE TO PARTICIPANTS: It's nice to see a lot of new faces this year as long as many returning participants. If you don't see yourself on this list, or would like a blog added, removed, or renamed on this list, or if a link is broken, or incorrect, please leave a note in the comments section below. Every effort was made to contact everyone who participated last year, but a number of last year's participants did not have any contact information attached to their blogs.

This is a really impressive beginning. I think we have around 215 people participating as of this year's launch and anticipate more will be joining us as we go.
Now that that's out of the way it's time to put on your masks and start trick or treating. Happy Halloween!

Branded in the 80s

Brittny Roberts

Bully Says: Comics Oughta Be Fun!

Cabinet of Curiosities Podcast

Cabrina at Large

Caffeinated Joe

Calvin's Canadian Cave of Coolness

The Captured Bird

Caramel Apple Day

Cassiopeia Celebrates

Castle Monster

Catalogue of Curiosities

Caterwaul Studios

The Cathode Ray Mission

Cavalcade of Awesome

Celluloid Terror

Celtic Pumpkin

Chris Thorndycroft

Christmas TV History

Chuck Norris Ate My Baby

The Church of Rabbit


Cinema Du Meep

The Cinema 4 Pylon

Cinema Suicide - February Stars

The Comic Treadmill

Comics Oughta Be Fun!

Confessions of a Book Whore

Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom

Cool and Collected

Count Gregula

Crafty Lady Abby

The Crazy Apron

Creature From the Blog 3-D!

Creep Show 2: The Ultimate Halloween Experience

Creepy Cupcakes

Creepy L.A.

Cult of the Great Pumpkin

Dane Jackson's Blog

The Dark Forest

Dartman's World of Wonder


Jon's Random Acts of Geekery

Kaedrin Weblog

Keep Fear Alive

Kevin Cross: Laser Beams Go!

KostumeGirl's Closet

Krell Laboratories

Kweeny Todd

Kyle's Astro Lounge

L.A.'s Life Lessons

Ladydragon Queen

The Land of Cerpts and Honey

Leigh Young Illustration

Light and Dark


Lounge of the Drunken Severed Head

lux umbra dei

Macabre Drive-In Theater

Magic Carpet Burn

Mankind's Fascination with Self-Expression

Maple Grove Cemetery

Mark Harvey's World

Me and You and a Blog Named Boo

Mephisto's Castle

Michael May's Adventureblog

Midnight in the Garden of Evil


Monster Crazy

Monster For Rent

Monster Movie Music

Monster Spookshow Radio

Monsters on My Shelf

The Moon is a Dead World

Moongem Comics

Mother Firefly's Faster Pussycats

Mr. Chicken's Yard Haunt

Mr. Gable's Reality

Mrs. ZOG's Halloween Adventure

Music You (Possibly) Won't Hear Anyplace Else

Orange and Black


Pensive Pumpkin

Plaid Stallions

Plastic Fetish

Plastic Pumpkins

Polish the Stars



Puddle Hopping: 31 Days of October

Pumpkin Swirl's Blog of Everything


Punch and Judy Productions


PurpleGurl's Halloween Haven

The Queen of Darkness: Halloween, Haunting and Life

Radiator Heaven

Raggedys and Recipes

Rare Halloween Videos

Redecorating Middle-Earth in Early Lovecraft

Return to the Devil's Alcove

The Ringmaster's Realm

The Roads of Autumn Dusk


Scare Me On Fridays

Second Star to the Right

Secret Mountain Labratory

Secret Sanctum of Captain Video

The Sexy Armpit

Sexy Witch

Shades of Gray

She Walks Softly

ShellHawk's Nest

Sherry Lou Toys

Shingle Creek Manor

Shoot from the Belly

Sideshow Cinema

Silent Weirdness


Six Weeks of Halloween





Skull Salad Reviews


Slash the Zombie

Something Got Me Started

Something wicKED this way comes...

Son of Celluloid

Son of Danse Macabre

Spooky Laboratory

The Spooky Vegan

A Spoonful of Everything

Step Up to the Mike

Stephanie Buscema's Blog

Strange Kids Club

The Swell Life

Swing with Shad

Tea and Top Hats

Terror Titans

THAT...Was My Foot

The Theatre of Terror


Things That Don't Suck

Till The Following Night

Trixie's Treats

True Love Comics Tales


Twisted Cartoons

Two Thumbs, Eight Fingers

Uncle Ernie's Creature Ink

Underneath the Juniper Tree Children's Horror Magazine


Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Is it too late for me to join?

Calvin's Canadian Cave of Coolness

Pierre Fournier said...

Congratulations John, Jon and Shawn. Day One and the Countdown to Halloween is already a pumpkin-smashing success! Thanks for hosting the madness.

Newton Gimmick said...

Very excited to be taking part. This is our third year doing a Halloween month long theme, but it's our first year participating in this countdown blogroll. Can't wait to make it the best year yet!

Shawn Robare said...

Calvin - In's never too late. You're now a Cryptkeeper!

Pierre - Thanks, I'm always surprised by the community's turnout and response!

Newton - Glad to have you aboard!

bookman187 said...

Thanks for doing this. I already found 6 new blogs I will now be following on a regular basis and have most of the list to explore.

Vulnavia Morbius said...

I'm doing a monthlong blogathon over at my blog ( It's The Annual October Horror Movie Challenge. 31 days, 31 (or more) horror movies. I'm donating 50 cents for each movie I watch to the National MS Society. Here are the details.

Shawn Robare said...

Vulnavia - We've added you as a Cryptkeeper!

Bookman187 - That is music to our ears, and we're gladd we could point you to some cool content and sites!

Derek Obscura said...

Awesome man! Thank you for adding me to the list. Everything looks great!!


Abby Davis said...

You left off:


Shawn Robare said...

Azurafae - Sorry about that, this has been remedied!

ShellHawk said...

I'm thrilled to be a Crypt Keeper this year! Bring on the Hallowe'en yumminess!

Joanna said...

Can I please be added:

I'm writing about horror and spooky, scary Christmas-themed entertainments all month long.

Wings1295 said...

Thanks for everything you guys do here! Glad to be one of the many taking part. Here's to a great Halloween 2011!

Ghoulie Girls said...

Can the Ghoulie Girls be added to the list?

First post of the month is forthcoming :)

Shawn Robare said...

Joanna and the Ghoulie Girls, you've both been added to the ranks of Cryptkeepers!

Caffeinated Joe - Thanks, and glad you're taking part!

Phillyradiogeek said...

My first Halloween post of the year is up and running! I can't wait to check out all the other blogs!

Machele O'Dufaigh said...

May I add my blog to this fun event! I've been blogging about Halloween since mid Summer and have a ton of ideas to squeeze in there before the 31st. Will celebrate by visiting as many participants as possible, can't wait!

Shawn Robare said...

Art Bliss - We've added you as the most recent Cryptkeeper, welcome aboard!

M. D. Jackson said...

I've started doing it all on my own. Can I make it official?

S k y l a r k i n g

The Fiji Mermaid said...

AWESEOME! I have some posts planned for this month, thanks for letting me take part.

Shawn Robare said...

M.D. Jackson - Sure thing man, welcome aboard!

Fiji Mermaid - Np, this year's going to be a blast!

Will Nepper said...

I joined late last year but am getting in on time for a change in 2011. Please add me to the list:

Shawn Robare said...

Will Nepper - You're on the Cryptkeepers list!

John Rozum said...

Thanks, Shawn for being so on top of things and for putting together the Cryptkeeper list for 2011.

Faith said...

I am so thrilled to be participating again this year. I participated two years ago on a now defunct blog and am happy to be back. Congrats to the Cryptkeepers!

Raven176 said...

I'm not getting any work done this month! That's a heck of a lot of blogs to read. Amazing how much this has taken off.
Nice work, and thanks.

Britt Reid said...


Thought you'd be interested...

We're doing a LOT of Horror-oriented material (primarily Frankenstein) in October on our weekly and semi-weekly blogs....

Hero & Heroine Histories™ will be running selected stories from Dick Briefer's various Monster of Frankenstein series, including both the humorous and horror versions of his own title as well as some strips from Prize Comics, starting with the very first multi-super-hero team-up strip featuring the Prize Fighters vs the Monster from Prize Comics #24!
Plus other superhero-oriented horror material including, on Halloween, the one (and only) Golden Age appearance of the Original Mr Monster!

Secret Sanctum of Captain Video™ will have the comic adaptation of the Universal Monsters from Dell Comics (as well as other classic Universal Monsters including Dracula, WolfMan, Creature from the Black Lagoon, etc.).
Plus numerous Roger Corman and Hammer horror comics adaptations, and on Halloween...the b/w original version of The Monster Club!

Western Comics Adventures™ will present the Original Ghost Rider's encounter with the Frankenstein Monster along with other Western/horror/sci-fi strips, including the comic version of the flick Valley of Gwangi!

Even True Love Comics Tales™ is running Gothic romances including Dark Shadows!

Shawn Robare said...

Britt - We've added the lot to the list!

Andrew Barr said...

Is it too late? can I add my blog

I'll be trying to post 2 new entries to the blog a week until halloween.

Carrie Mae said...

I'll be participating, even if you don't add me to the list. LOVE THAT YOU DO THIS! :)

John Rozum said...

Andrew and Carrie Mae, I've added you to the Cryptkeepers list. You're all set.

RB said...


Is it October?? Forgive me, I lost track of time. I'm behind, but will make up for it this week. My sincerest apologies to all those that dropped by Caterwaul Studios.

Bully said...

John, as always, thanks for putting this together. I always find so many great blogs I've not seen before during Countdown!*

*Which already makes it more valuable than Countdown to Infinite Crisis.

Natalie D. said...

Ooh, how have I not heard about this? How does it work exactly? Do I just need to blog every day until Halloween about Halloweeny type things? I've been meaning to do this anyway. This group sounds fantastic!

Bryce Wilson said...

Since I wasn't going to be able to do 31 Posts for it, I didn't submit my horror blog Son Of Danse Macabre. But glancing through the roll that er- doesn't look like that requirement is all that strictly held up anymore. Any chance of getting it added?

Shawn Robare said...

Natalie D. - You nailed it on the head. No pressure to post every single day, just try and have some spooky fun with it. We've added you to the list!

Bryce - We've added your site to the list! Basically, it's not a hard and fast rule, more of a guideline for the type of Halloween-y camaraderie we're looking to promote.

Lux said...

I would love to be added to this years participants! Thanks for all the great blogs you've helped me find through the count down!

Shawn Robare said...

Lux - Cool, welcome aboard as an official Cryptkeeper!

staticfraction said...

Never too late for Halloween.
Can you please add my blogs? I have 2 is a monster blog so its always Halloween there. The other is just a strange,weirdo and vintage art blog...which is Halloween themed for the month. thanks alot!!

Shawn Robare said...

Staticfraction - We've added both sites to the list!

Dr. Mila said... is doing a countdown this year (last year was so much fun!). Tohoscope is replying to the email, but I figured I should get a message in to make sure.

Anonymous said...

Just saw this from another blog I follow. I'd love to join in on the fun!


Shawn Robare said...

Dr. Mila and Dane - Welcome aboad as official Cryptkeepers!

Bob Turnbull said...

I'd love to be added to the long list - as with many others, I watch Horror all month long and write up everything I see with 4-5 screencaps per film.

My blog is Eternal Sunshine Of The Logical Mind and it's found here.

Shawn Robare said...

Bob - Your site has been added to the list. Welcome to the Cryptkeepers!

Big Scare said...

Just heard about this! I'm doing a Halloween countdown on my blog, and would love to be added to the list:

Many thanks!

Skrattkammaren said...

Hey, can we join in!?

Shawn Robare said...

The Big Scare and Skrattkammaren - You've both been added to the list!

Big Scare said...

Thanks so much! This is very exciting!

Eric Scales said...

Other people do this too?! I thought I came up with the idea. Oh well- can I join too? my blog is

Anonymous said...

Please give's horror film celebration a look, SINedelphia: 31 Days of Horror INDEX:

Shawn Robare said...

Eric and Cinedelphia - You've been added to the list. Welcome aboard!

Smirking Revenge said...

Just found this through a couple of blogs I follow, would love to join if you will have me.
Confessions of a Book Whore.

Awesome idea to have all of these great blogs in one place

Jamie said...

I added my blog. I love Halloween! I even got married the day before Halloween and my boys were born a year later on Halloween. It's one of my favourite holidays.

Hope it's not too late to join for 2011. I will definitely be joining for 2012!

Shawn Robare said...

Smirking Revenge & Jamie - You've both been added on as official Cryptkeepers!

Britt Reid said...

Please add in War: Past Present & Future™ < > with with both sci-fi AND horror wartime tales during October!
(The first one's already up!)

BeWitchy said...

I would like to join in on the fun :)


Shawn Robare said...

Bewitchy & Brit - You've both been added to the list as Cryptkeepers!

August Ragone said...

My favorite time of the year — I'm in! Currently, I'm running "The 31 Days of Halloween" Ghoultide Carol on my blog, "The Good, The Bad, and Godzilla" at


Shawn Robare said...

August - Welcome aboard!

August Ragone said...

Cheers for Fears and Beast Witches!

J.A. Morris said...

Please add our blog:

We're going to be talking about a bunch of Halloween specials in the next few weeks.

Zahra Dabir said...

I was in last year but im back this year with a new name:

love being part of this, thank you!!

Shawn Robare said...

J. A. Morris and Zahra - You've both been added as official Cryptkeepers!

VampireWiki Blog said...

Year round Vampire related, movie reviews and general information on our favorite undead.


Shawn Robare said...

VampireWiki - Welcome Aboard!

Haunted Eve said...

Requesting to come aboard!

Desdinova said...

Call me Desdinova the Eternal Light. I have been Halloween blogging since early October and haven't got a chance to contact you.

Here is my address:

Contact me at

Shawn Robare said...

Haunted and Desdinova - Welcome Aboard!

Kernunrex said...

I started back in Semptember, but here's my Six Weeks of Halloween celebration (in its 9th year!):

Xemnu said...

Thought I'd throw my furry hat in the ring, so to speak.

Bad Ronald said...

Bad Ronald Blog

Bad Ronald said...


John Rozum said...

All of you have been added. Thanks for joining in.