Nov 1, 2021

Information and Creepmas

Hello my fellow Creepers!

Is Halloween over? Well, technically,, yes but I know many of you celebrate 365 so carry on. Otherwise, the countdown has started over until 2022!

I am popping in today to let you know about The 13 Days of Creepmas. I went over to see if there was a badge for those of you that indulge a little more but did not find one. However, if you are interested, here is some info. (below)

 I think Dex is in charge of this one along with The Great Pumpkin Cult. I have included some information here along with the link. Enjoy a little longer! ;)

Do not forget, survey is coming soon and also, I am looking into those shirts/ badges so stay tuned to order.

Michelle, MCC



If you're new to Creepmas or need a refresher, check out these links:

You can also find out "How to Participate" so you can join the rest of the festive ghouls around the web. Even if you don't participate, we'd appreciate you spreading the Hallowday cheer on social media to drag in a few more bodies.

To join the frightful festivities, leave a comment below (or email Chad) with your blog/website name and link, add one of the badges below to your blog/site, then post your creepiest Christmas content December 1-13!


Join in on social media by tagging posts #Creepmas or #MakingCreepmas


Dex said...

Hey everyone! I know I haven't been posting on here much but wanted to say a few things:

1 - I hope everyone had a great Halloween and thank you for participating this year! And thank you Michelle, for asking me to sit at the big kids table this year.

2 - Creepmas badges will be available before the end of November. Chad Savage, the gentleman that does them, is an artist by trade specializing in the spooky so he's been pretty busy lately! I'll put up a new post here to let folks know when we get the Creepmas ball rolling.

3 - I will be posting here sometime soon with a brief (very brief) Countdown survey so keep an eye out.

My Side of Oz said...

I would love to play for Creepmas! I will email Chad!

Unknown said...

Dex-I hope you will be at the "Big Table" LOL next year too. You are great! ;) Thanks for updating for Creepmas too!

My Side of Oz- I might play a bit myself. ;)