Oct 6, 2010

Sara Turner's The Ghosts of Pineville

I thought I'd take this opportunity to point you all to one of the coolest comics I've read in awhile, Sara Turner's The Ghosts of Pineville. Sara is one half of Cricket Press, a specialty screen-printing outfit that does some amazing gig posters, holiday cards and prints, as well as some awesome comics. The story follows the adventures of three friends, Chopper, Hank, and Glory as they investigate the mystery of a local ghost story. Sara is pulling from some fun influences like the Monster Squad, Goonies, and Stand By Me in building her story and I think it's the sort of comic that will bring a smile to any kid at heart (especially around this time of year.)

The Ghosts of Pineville is currently unfolding for free as a webcomic updating twice a week. But for those who can't wait, you can also pick up a really nice print edition, as well as a super-cool related mini comic called the Cherrished Collection of Emily VanWart at her Etsy store. Sara's really pushing the boundries of boutique silk screened mini comics with the latter, incorporating some really exciting ideas on how to convey story and tone, and I highly reccomend picking up a copy. If you do, tell her the Countdwon to Halloween sent ya!


Wings1295 said...

Very cool!

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Very cool! I will definately add this to my web comic list.


Anonymous said...

Good reading! thanks for the heads up.