Aug 9, 2021

Hey, hey! For the love of the badges!

Hey, hey our fellow creepers, many things are afoot.  Look what has arrived! You have your choice of three again this year and we think they are wonderful. Thank you to Senor Scary Jerry who reached out to make them this year. You have done a great job!  @senorscaryjerry

All you need to do to link them to your blog or whatnot is to download the image and upload it to your blogs. Please make sure you add a link when people click them on...  

If you are using Instagram/TikTok/YouTube, you have permission to upload the image but again, link it to our blog. I am sure Senor Scary would not mind a shout out either.

Oh, but wait, before you go! He is also making a new banner for us and that will be coming soon. Whoot!

Keep it scary and stay tuned,

Michelle & Dex


endo said...

Just wanted stop in and say thanks for doing the countdown again and thanks to Senor Scary Jerry for the awesome badges!!
Everyone at Horrors Online loves them! Great job all around, can't wait for the countdown to officially start!

Lady M said...

Nice - these badges are super cool.

Bob Johns said...

love the badges this year!!

Guillaume said...

Great badges! Love the raven!