Oct 7, 2023

Halloween Cobweb Cleaning #CountdowntoHalloween2023

A full week already and things seem to be going a muck a bit. 

As you may or may not know, Dex and I do love October and Halloween as much as you. That is why way back in...I don't know...I agreed to take over this Halloween-fest to keep it going. Dex graciously hopped on two years later.

We have added many fun things for you since then: merch and Instagram 365. 

Having said that, I got word through the bat vine that I may have fallen off my broom stick when I didn't post links in the side bar for you. I actually was trying to do my best spells by just posting the Google list page, but oops! 

Well, I like to keep my crypt keepers happy so observe. TA DA! Look over to the right!  Now, please be patient as there are 70 blogs to post. and only half at the moment. I will have it all said and done by Sunday.

I have already seen some great content from you all and will be around to every single one of you soon.

Happy haunting!



Haunted Eve said...

Hate to be a pain, but our link on the side bar is broken/incorrect. Clicking it gets:
"Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist."
That's because this is the hyperlink as it currently stands: https://countdowntohalloween.blogspot.com/https://hauntedevehalloween.blogspot.com/
Should be:
Another broken link in the list: Susan Renshaw
Current hyperlink:
Should be:

Realize it's a lot of work. We too discover changes we made more recently to where we host our yard haunt photos impacted older blog post links. Thanks for your support of all our work!

Barbecue17 said...

Thanks! I appreciate the list on the side greatly!

Caffeinated Joe said...

Thanks for everything! I've been enjoying all the posts and Halloweeny fun.

Tee said...

Much better!! Thank you.

Michelle aka Naila Moon said...