Oct 29, 2023

Wolf Howls...Wa-hoooo #CountdowntoHalloween2023

Oh my boo-ness! It is only two days from our favorite orange holiday! I get a bit o' Halloween goodness because, well, I moved crypts this season. Believe me, it was a last minute surprise broom flight!

I cannot reveal where my new crypt site is BUT I can tell you that the house I live in has a old graveyard just up the street. Of course I have already visited and can't wait to visit some more. 

The owners of this house love Halloween! They have a yard full of skeletons and treasures and dress up for the 200 spooks that come to get a treat or two. Boo-lio, right? They have asked me to dress up too but you will have to wait to see my costume.  bwa ha ha ha


Due to my sudden move, I have been late getting to the next section of bloggers. But no worries, I still have plenty of bat time to drop a treat.

Soon my ghoulish friends, soon.

PS>If you speak cat, this is what one of the now 11...YES 11, I live with said.



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