Oct 12, 2023

Treats for you all, A-G! #CountdowntoHalloween2023

Hey Boo-ti-ful people! I have gone up and through the G's. I will start the "H's" in a couple of days. I promised to get to all of you. IF you don't see a comment aka treat from me, then it is because I did not know where to leave one. I did visit though.

Any plans for Friday the 13th? Side note: I actually have a brother named, Jason. My son's birthday is tomorrow and he WAS born on a Friday!

 Hope ya all are having fun!

`Master Crypt Keeper, Michelle


Tom said...

I got your treat, Michelle. Thanks for dropping by! I had a fun 13th, visiting with some newly-discovered relatives. No bad luck for me!

Guillaume said...

I blogged about a black cat too that day.