Oct 1, 2023

OMGSH-IT IS HERE!!! #CountdowntoHalloween2023 #Links

ADDENDUM: I have fixed the list. Please everyone check again to make sure your links are correct and working. After the 3rd, I will not add or fix. Thanks! Michelle


October has finally arrived and  we are here to celebrate it all month long. We will be getting around to see you all soon. 

I am going to extend sign ups to two more days but the 3rd is it! Invite friends, loved ones, and all kinds of spooks. The more, the scarier!

If you are having any issues, please comment here and I will fix it right away.

Stay tuned and of course have a safe and fun October!

Master Crypt Keeper,



Alexis Skrull said...

Did my post on the other post not go through? My blogs arent on the list and I signed up via e-mail to Dex as I have 2 participating again.

Just in case, here they are again:

31 Days Of Halloween (Alexis' Treasures) -https://collectorsuniverse.blogspot.com/
Comic Strip Terrors (Comic Strip Treasures) -https://comicstriptreasures.blogspot.com/

Thank you.

Haunted Eve said...

There is no link or list in this post. There's a tiny link up in the left most bottom corner under the main page picture that says "2023 Crypt Keepers" that opens up a Google Docs spreadsheet. Not exactly like prior years.

Tee said...

Thank you for putting this together for us every year! Love the new 2023 Badges too!

Jamdin said...

Thanks for the great site but you might want to double check some of your links on the sidebar. https://eadpanflookandtheblogofstuff.blogspot.com/ is missing the first "d" in deadpan.

Halloween said...

This is one of the best websites that I’ve ever come across, all the Halloween displayed is pretty unique and informative

Michelle aka Naila Moon said...

*****Fixed all the issues. This is why I ask that you check your own links. Sometimes when I am transferring them they don't always or something gets dropped. I cannot fix it if I don't know.
*Glad you like the badges. Always cool.
* Halloween, glad you like it. THxs!